Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D.)


L.E.A.D. recognizes outstanding 4-H’ers who epitomize 4-H youth empowerment. We believe it’s important to acknowledge and honour confident, accomplished 4-H’ers who have gained critical life skills through their 4-H experience. The recipients demonstrate Personal Impact, Community Impact and Leadership Excellence. Click here for more information. 

Leadership Excellence in the area of
Community Engagement & Communications  

Joshua Power
I. Sullivan Memorial 4-H Club, NL

Gerry Rogers
NDP MHA, Newfoundland


Field of Study: Bachelor of Science, Major in Geography
University: Memorial University
Career Goal: GIS Specialist, or an Urban Planner

"Joshua's dedication to the 4-H program, his school endeavors and his community, demonstrate his leadership skills and his ability to effectively collaborate with others bringing innovative thinking to old and new ideas." - Shirley Barnable - President, 4-H Newfoundland and Labrador

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Leadership Excellence in the area of
the Environment & Healthy Living

Eveline Juce
Decker Country Riders 4-H Club, MB

Megan Imrie
Student, Olympian, biathlete and lover of adventure


Field of Study: Bachelor of Science
University: University of Alberta, Augustana campus
Career Goal: Radiologist with a special interest in cancer diagnostics

"Eveline is a highly-motivated, self-disciplined individual who possesses excellent organizational skills and works well with others. She possesses a vibrant, sunny personality that is very contagious to those around her." - Bonnie Michaudville, Recreation Director

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Leadership Excellence in the area of
Science & Technology

Erinn Jones
Balzac 4-H Beef Club, AB

W. Brett Wilson
Father, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist


Field of Study: Bachelor of Science, Engineering
University: University of Saskatchewan
Career Goal: Engineer

"Erinn is an incredibly well-rounded individual who has not only excelled academically during her high school years, but has also been involved in a multitude of extra-curricular activities." - Neal Church B.Sc, MD

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Leadership Excellence in the area of
Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

Jessica Mayes
Pierson Pathfinders 4-H Club, MB

 Dr. David R. C. Bailey, PhD
President and CEO, Genome Alberta


Field of Study: Bachelor of Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science
University: McGill University
Career Goal: Agricultural research, special interest in sustainable development

"No matter what Jessica is involved in she always gives it 100 per cent and then some. She is certainly a leader in our community with a spirit to try new things that is infectious." - Morag Schonken, Chair of the Parks and Community Rejuvenation Board

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