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4-H in Canada Accreditation Program

The new accreditation model for 4-H Canada’s provincial membership demonstrates our commitment to a best-in-class culture as a world-class positive youth development organization. Through our shared national standards, 4-H in Canada is empowered to consistently achieve high levels of competency and rigour in our governance, risk management, operations, brand, and programs.

The accredited membership model for 4-H provinces in Canada was unanimously adopted by the 4-H Canada Board of Directors and the Canadian 4-H Foundation Trustees in November 2018.

Since the start of 2019, 4-H Canada and each provincial 4-H organization have worked collaboratively together along this path for accreditation to achieve excellence together. As a result, 4-H across Canada has:

  • greater clarification of the roles between the national organization and its provincially accredited member organizations;
  • an enhanced focus on program quality that is consistent across all accredited organizations; and
  • a clear model of compliance expectations and consequences that will mitigate our organizations’ risk.

Accredited 4-H Organizations

The following provincial 4-H organizations are accredited and endorsed by 4-H Canada:

Accreditation Insignia

The 4-H in Canada Accreditation Insignia is a visual mark that indicates a 4-H organization in Canada has achieved accreditation. The use of the insignia is a privilege reserved for 4-H organizations that currently meet all standards for accreditation and are endorsed by 4-H Canada.

The insignia is a symbol of the competency, rigour, and focus of 4-H organizations in Canada in providing a safe and inclusive environment for all youth to Learn To Do By Doing. It is a symbol to our community of volunteers, leaders, alumni, and supporters of 4-H’s commitment to delivering world-class programming that empowers today’s youth leaders.

How it Works

As the national governing body for 4-H in Canada, 4-H Canada facilitates the accreditation process. For information on what the accreditation process entails and the standards each accredited 4-H organization must achieve, please see the handbook below.


For more information about the 4-H in Canada Accreditation Program, please contact us at