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10 Ways 4-H’ers are Celebrating 2017

Did you know that 2017 marks a special year for 4-H'ers across Canada? From celebrating 150 years as a nation, to gathering in Canada's Capital with more than 600 global 4-H delegates to the many opportunities available to our members, 2017 is the perfect opportunity to ignite your passion for the 4-H movement in Canada. Here are 10 ways 4-H’ers are celebrating 2017:


We’re Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday 
Through the 4-H Connecting Canadians Fund, we’re joining in on Canada’s 150th anniversary throughout the year by delivering youth-led community celebrations. With more than $200,000 in funding available to engage youth, connect communities and share our Canadian pride, we can’t wait to see how our 4-H’ers will get involved!



We’re Welcoming the World of 4-H to Canada
This July 4-H'ers will see Ottawa like they never have before, experiencing the nation's capital with more than 600 4-H members and leaders from 70 countries worldwide at the Global 4-H Network Summit. This is our opportunity to show 4-H Canada to the world!


We’re Challenging Ourselves with New Experiences
Each year, ten Canadian 4-H youth attend the U.S. National 4-H Conference, a premiere civic engagement opportunity. This March, our 4-H’ers are putting their skills into practice by preparing a formal briefing for federal U.S. officials in Washington, D.C. on a variety of important societal topics in round-table groups. Our 4-H members are also invited to visit famous American political sites, visit the Embassy of Canada and to meet new peers. 


We’re Sharing Our Voice and Getting Involved
At the 45th 4-H Canada Citizenship Congress in May, we’re deepening our understanding of governance, exploring Canadian heritage as Canada celebrates its sesquicentennial anniversary in the nation’s capital and building new skills.  Each year, Citizenship Congress delegates construct insightful arguments and practice their skills of persuasion and public speaking through a parliamentary debate held in the House of Commons.


We’re Exploring our Canadian Heritage
This summer, we’re exploring other regions within Canada and putting our hometowns on display through the 4-H Canada Club to Club Exchange. Two groups of up to 10 members from different provinces are paired together, playing the roles of both explorer and community ambassador. 


We’re Learning from Others
Through the 4-H Canada Going Global Exchange, we’re experiencing new global opportunities with 4-H partners from the United Kingdom, Jamaica, Finland, Japan, Taiwan, Nicaragua and Japan. This reciprocal international exchange is a unique opportunity that allows Canadian 4-H youth to represent 4-H Canada in another country and, upon return, host visiting delegates in Canada the same summer!


We’re Growing our Skills and Gaining Career Experience
With the Careers on the Grow program, we’re strengthening our skills and gaining work experience. This year the placement opportunities are at the Tucson Village Farm in Arizona, as a Healthy Living Ambassador, teaching children about where food comes from, or at Food Share in Toronto, working in market gardens and on urban food-security programs.


We’re Recognizing our Amazing Volunteers
We will be recognizing the provincial and national winners of our National Volunteer Leader of the Year Award, a prestigious award that recognizes the dedication and contribution of 4-H volunteer leaders. In addition to these awards, winning clubs also receive a pizza party to celebrate our leaders and show appreciation to the 4-H members who took the time to nominate them. Don’t forget to thank your leader during Volunteer Appreciation Week or nominate your leader today for this special award!


We’re Getting Curious and Bringing Our Ideas to Life
Our 4-H’ers are experimenting, discovering new ideas and building science projects through the 4-H Canada Science Fair. This March, we’ll be cultivating our curiosity and learning about science, showcasing our science projects to other like-minded youth and experts in the field, and most importantly, having fun trying something new!


We’re Working Hard in School
4-H Canada recognizes the hard work that our members are putting into their communities and into their education. Each year, we offer more than $150,000 in scholarships to financially support our members entering, or returning, to post-secondary education. Celebrate your hard work in 2017 by applying for a 4-H Canada scholarship this March!


With so many opportunities available to 4-H’ers in 2017, how are you getting involved and engaged in your community? Didn’t get a chance to sign up for one of these programs? Keep an eye out for registration next year or contact us at