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4-H Alumni: Deepening our roots and growing the movement

4-H Canada’s alumni number is in the hundreds of thousands and can be found all across the country and around the globe. Theses “graduates” of the 4-H program are leaders in their industries and in their communities, and their successes are a testament to 4-H’s positive youth development (PYD) approach and programming in Canada. Having so many successful alumni represents an incredible pool of resources for 4-H in Canada. And at a time when mentorship and skills transfer is ever more important with a growing need for more people to enter the agricultural sector.

Recently, we reached out to our alumni via an online survey and the results speak volumes on what a positive, long-term impact our programming has had and continues to have on their lives.

Alumni and volunteers are strongly positive about their 4-H experiences, especially those who have been involved with the organization for many years. Almost all (97%) of alumni surveyed would recommend 4-H to youth that they know. And while most recognize a range of ways in which 4-H can make an impact, the idea of building stronger citizenship in youth is particularly resonant.

The pride we have in 4-H and the commitment we make to the generations that follow are strongly reflected in the results.

We want to foster lifelong relationships between alumni and 4-H at all levels – this builds stronger communities. The information we were able to gather via the alumni survey is invaluable as find ways to engage alumni and tap into their vast experience and passion for supporting the next generation of leaders. Alumni are key to strengthening and growing the 4-H movement in Canada.

Are you a 4-H Alumni and want to share your story? We would love to hear from you! Please contact Stacey at  today and tell us how 4-H has impacted your life.