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Five Ways 4-H'ers Used Their FCC 4-H Club Funds in 2016-2017

One of the biggest issues 4-H clubs are challenged with is that they often lack the funds to fully support their programs or activities. In 2016, Farm Credit Canada contributed $122,750 to support 253 clubs, districts and regions through the FCC 4-H Club Fund.

With this funding, more 4-H’ers across Canada were able to learn skills, recruit new members and make an impact in their community. Below are five different ways 4-H’ers used their FCC 4-H Club Fund. Applications for this year's FCC 4-H Club Fund are open until October 31, 2017. 

To Learn New Skills

Eastern Region Photo“Thanks to the FCC 4-H Club Fund, the Eastern Region Seasonal Decorations Project was a HUGE success. The funding was used to cover the cost of supplies and rental fees. We learned new skills like painting, woodworking, drilling and time management to build and create decorative items for Halloween, Christmas and other holidays!” Eastern Region (PE)

Archie Light Horse Club Pic“Our club attended a horse show in Boissevain where members participated in judging, showmanship, grooming, horsemanship, barrels, and pole bending in their age division.” Archie 4-H Light Horse & Pony Club (MB)


To Start New Clubs and Recruit New Members

London 4-H Club Pic“We launched a new urban 4-H club in London, Ontario through the FCC 4-H Club Fund. Our first project was Adventures in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). This project helped recruit six new members and even earn us media coverage on Rogers TV. We worked with members to choose the subject of our second project that will be launching this summer (it focuses on sports). ” London 4-H Club (ON)

Brooks 4-H Club Pic“We participated in the Brooks Pro Rodeo Parade through the FCC 4-H Club Fund.  Our float focused on all the different projects that are available in our club.  Members built an old grain elevator, painted it and then decorated the float with signs, flags and member pictures. During the float we handed out flyers, 4-H seed packets and small boxes of raisins.” Brooks & Area 4-H Beef Club (AB)

To Support Achievement Days, Public Speaking and Club Awards

crystal_springs_light_horse_4-h_-_sk_4.jpg“Being a very small and mostly young club, fundraising for basic expenses has been a challenge.  We decided that our project could cover some necessary club expenses for public speaking and our achievement day such as honorariums for judges, year-end prizes and advertising.”  Crystal Springs Light Horse (SK)

/ormstown_-_qc.jpg“The FCC 4-H Club helped cover the cost of ribbons and prizes for the Ormstown 4-H Club Achievement Day. We use achievement days to recruit new members and to share with parents what we do all year. We had a dairy conformation and showmanship competition, a judging competition and life skills classes in baking, flower arranging and crafts.” Ormstown 4-H Club (QC)

To Connect with Other 4-H Clubs

kreative_kidz_multi_club_-_ab_3.jpg“Last summer, we used our FCC 4-H Club fund to host an exchange between Quebec and Alberta 4-H’ers. We explored the Calgary Stampede, ran a youth festival at the local Chamber of Commerce, toured Forest Lumina, visited a local monastery and helped clean at a local animal shelter for community service.  We finished off our tour by helping our new friends compete in their local achievement day.” Kreative Kidz Multi (AB)

/vancouver_island_jr_camp_-_bc_2.jpg“We used the FCC 4-H Club Fund to support the Vancouver Island Regional 4-H Junior Camp. Over the three days, we participated in activities like archery, low ropes, crafts and water sports. The focus of the program was to provide members with a fun and safe environment that allowed them to meet new friends and connect with other 4-H members.” Vancouver Island Regional 4-H (BC)

To Contribute to their Communities

landing_4-h_club_-_ns_5.jpg“The Landing 4-H Club used the FCC4-H Club Fund for several club activities that made for a terrific year for everyone. One activity was two bingo afternoons with senior citizens in a local senior care facility.  4-H members took on roles of bingo callers and helpers for seniors, some of whom have limited mobility and other challenges, and played bingo with them. Additionally, we purchased numerous small prizes for the seniors to win and snacks for social time! The funding let this club put the 4-H pledge into practice.” Landing 4-H Club (NS)

sudbury_clever_clovers_4-h_club_-_on_1.jpg“We partnered with Westmount Public School to help plant a community 4-H garden. Members planned and designed all activities including garden boxes, planting and watering schedules, outreach activities, composting and food bank donations. Together, we received a Civic Award for our work!” Sudbury 4-H Club (ON)