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Citizenship Congress 2018

May 1 to 6, 2018 | Ottawa, Ontario

Developed in 1972 as a way to unite 4-H members from across the country, 4-H Canada’s Citizenship Congress is considered a flagship program that gives 4-H members knowledge and insight about Canada, its history and its systems. Delegates explore and develop skills related to civic engagement, governance, parliamentary procedures, citizenship and politics all under the backdrop of their nation’s capital. As is the case with all 4-H Canada youth programs, the ultimate goal of Citizenship Congress is for delegates to be empowered to use new skills and knowledge at home, as responsible, caring and contributing members of their communities.

In 2018 we are digging into the connections between citizenship and service, with the theme, Hands to Larger Service.”

Programming will explore ideas of service and contribution. We will consider whether all service has positive impacts and the responsibility associated with good intentions. We will look at different models that encourage service and causes that need volunteers. We will consider the economic and social impacts of service in our communities and in our country, and will explore policy and government implications associated with service.

The annual Citizenship Congress debate fosters delegates’ research skills, public speaking skills, and their understanding of governance, parliamentary procedure and debate. It helps to frame the overall theme of Citizenship Congress and therefore we wanted to explore a topic that would allow delegates to consider the potential of service.

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2018 Program


Not All Learning Happens in the Classroom
With Karen Gormley of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award is a global program whose goal it is to challenge, empower and recognize young people between the ages of 14 and 24. We challenge you to develop the skills and confidence you need to improve yourself and your community by encouraging you to go beyond your comfort zone. Our unique program is designed to empower you to utilize your passions by helping you to believe in the power of your own potential.

User Centred Design
With Karen Secord of the Parkdale Food Centre

Over the last twenty years the income and wealth of all groups in Canadian society has risen. Yet those who are already well off have seen their income and wealth rise much faster than those in the middle and the bottom. The gains of growth are going disproportionately to those at the top. Unchecked that will lead to an increasingly polarised society.

In this workshop we will consider the opportunity emerging for a new economic narrative - one that combines both money and meaning: how people make money to live and how they invest their lives with meaning and purpose.

Serving in your Community Interactive Session
With Pamela Stewart & Guest from Canada Service Corps

Workshop 1 – Dream Tree Exercise
The Canada Service Corps DREAM TREE session will be an active participation session with attendees to dig into the themes of service as it relates to three key areas of discovery: barriers and incentives, mentorship and digital delivery. For each theme, we want you to consider the things that impact your peers’ and your ability to get involved in service and unpack ideas that could become solutions.

Workshop 2 – Big Ideas Exercise
The Canada Service Corps' BIG IDEAS session will be an active participation session with attendees to dig into the themes of service as it relates to three key areas of discovery: barriers and incentives, mentorship, and digital delivery. You will have the chance to see what your peers in the session before this one have “dreamed up” about the themes, and unpack the ideas that could become solutions, issues that should or could get resolved, etc. – and as a group you will get to pick one idea for each theme that you want to explore even further! 

Rising Youth Community Service Grants
With Filsan Dualeh from TakingITGlobal

TakingITGlobal is looking for young people who are inspired and ready to take action in their local community through the Rising Youth Community Service Grants program.

Rising Youth empowers young people, ages 15-30 to imagine ideas that can support their local community and helps them put their ideas into action through grants of $250, $750, or $1500.

Supporting You to Support Your Community – A Canada Service Corps Discussion
With Pamela Stewart & Guest from Canada Service Corps

Canada Service Corps at Employment and Social Development Canada is developing recommendations for a national signature program to support youth in service and giving back to their communities. The program is in an innovative ‘design phase’ and young Canadians across Canada are being invited to help co-create what the national signature program will evolve to be.

The Idea Jam session will bring us all together after an afternoon of sharing, creating and idea-generating. Many of you will have contributed directly to ideas and solutions related to key service themes, and even if you haven’t, you have opinions and ideas to contribute.  This session will talk about the CSC, the design phase, the results of the afternoon’s sessions, but also ask you to tell us what you think of it all, and where you most want to see effort placed to support young Canadians in getting involved in service to their communities.

Getting Engaged with Local Government & Serving Your Community
With Jane Hilderman from Samara Canada

Ever wonder how land-use is determined? Or where local facilities like ice rinks and swimming pools are found? Or been curious about politics, but not sure if you can get involved? This workshop will focus will help de-mystify what local government and local elected office is about. Most importantly, the workshop will tackle how you can effectively get engaged in the decisions that shape your community.  Through some interactive exercises and discussion, you should leave with a better idea of the job of local government, the expertise young people offer, and effective strategies to get engaged and stay resilient.

Master Project Management in 90 Minutes
With Sarah Naylor from 4-H Canada

Working on planning a community service project or want to start planning one? In this workshop you will learn how to master project management. Get key tips and tricks in topics like project planning, money, evaluation and more. As well, during this workshop we will take your ideas and turn them into plan that will get you on your way.

Museum Tours

Canadian Museum of History
Gorgeous architecture and world-renowned exhibitions convene to create Canada’s most-visited museum. Located on the banks of the Ottawa River—with a stunning view of Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada, and downtown Ottawa—the Canadian Museum of History (formerly the Canadian Museum of Civilization) provides detailed insight into 20,000 years of human history. Let your eyes wander high into the sky as you take in the world’s largest indoor collection of totem poles, walk through the largest and most comprehensive exhibition about Canadian history ever created, and sit back to enjoy a CINÉ+ film. Young at heart? You’ll love the on-site Canadian Children’s Museum, filled with hands-on games and exhibits.

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National Gallery of Canada
See Canada’s visual arts treasures within the lively Ottawa ByWard Market. In our completely reinvented Canadian and Indigenous Galleries, you will discover the remarkable stories that have shaped this country. Love photography? You won’t want to miss the Gallery’s new Canadian Photography Institute. If the great masters are more your style, the Gallery is your destination for the country’s finest collection of European art. In addition to our exquisite national collection, during any visit you can take in world-class special exhibitions and engaging activities for all ages. Our building, an award-winning architectural gem, is in itself worth a visit. Come celebrate creativity at one of Canada’s most impressive landmarks.

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Canadian War Museum
The Canadian War Museum is more than a museum that is internationally renowned for its symbolic architecture; it is synonym for inspiring and touching stories. Canada's rich military history is showcased through personal stories, artwork, photographs and interactive presentations. Tour the extensive permanent exhibitions and expand your knowledge of the conflicts that shaped Canada, Canadians and the world, as well as the roll Canadians played in them.

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