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Club to Club Exchanges

Have you dreamed of travelling across this amazing country we live in?

4-H Canada’s Club to Club Exchange, offered in partnership with Canadian Heritage, lets you explore Canada’s rich history while experiencing all that our country has to offer.

How it works

In groups of eight to ten delegates, 4-H members between the ages of 12 and 17 are twinned – paired together – with 4-H’ers from another province. Together with two chaperones, the delegates take part in a reciprocal homestay exchange.

Club to Club exchanges take place during the summer months and typically last seven to ten days.

Groups are matched based on their application, demographics of each group, activities and community involvement, and other considerations.

During their exchange, clubs will co-create a community-focused service project with their partnered Youth Service Leader as part of the Hands to Larger Service program.


Selected groups pay $150 per member and $150 per chaperone.

A $1,500 Club Support Award is available to each group selected for the exchange.

What’s in it for you?

4-H Canada creates experiential learning opportunities that ensure a safe, fun and inclusive environment with the support of caring adults. Club to Club exchanges aim to:

  • Enhance your knowledge and understanding of Canada
  • Connect you with 4-H members from another province
  • Enhance your appreciation of the diversity of the Canadian experience.

What’s in it for your club?

You can tell your stories and share your experiences with other 4-H’ers, helping to increase their understanding of Canada’s history and their appreciation of how other Canadians live, work and play.

Applications for 2019 Club to Club Exchanges closed January 14, 2019.

Important information for your club

Check out these documents for everything your club needs to know about Club to Club Exchanges

What people are saying

“During the exchange, I had the opportunity to do things I may never have had the opportunity to do, see new and different parts of Canada and make friendships that were so vital for making this trip as fulfilling as it was.” Participant, Club to Club Exchange

See where 4-H clubs travelled in summer 2018 with this interactive map!

Click through the map and learn more about each of the 26 clubs who participated in the Club to Club exchange program.

Anola Northern Lights and Lorette Busy Bees 4-H Clubs

This exchange group consists of Anola Northern Lights and Lorette Busy Bees from the Eastman Area of Manitoba. Both are multi-purpose clubs and have around 40 members combined. Members are very active volunteers in their communities: washing dishes at events, showing a 4-H float at the annual Parade of Lights, caroling, assisting at seniors’ residences, and operating a craft table at the Springfield Country Fair. Members love to travel, create diverse connections with other 4-H’ers across Canada, and share new experiences.

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See linked club: East Lacombe 4-H Beef Club

Barlow Creek 4-H Club

Barlow Creek 4-H Club is nestled deep in the heart of British Columbia. Surrounded by pristine wilderness, the club is home to 35 members who enjoy taking part in a wide variety of projects. Barlow Creek is close to many tourist attractions, including Cottonwood Historic Site and Barkerville Historic Town, which made a name for themselves during the Cariboo Gold Rush. The Barlow Creek 4-H Club is part of a 4-H district that is composed of 3 clubs and around 100 members.

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See linked club: North Simcoe 4-H Clubs

Battle River 4-H Beef Club

This club’s travel exchange group is made up of 3 clubs in the region: Battle River Beef Club, with 6 members; Irma 4-H Beef Club, with 3 members; and Hastings Coulee Beef Club, with 1 member. In addition to beef clubs, members engage in many different projects including horse, crafts, photography and pheasant 4-H. Members are excited to experience all that exchange has to offer – travelling to other regions in Canada, sharing the beauty of their province – from the prairies to the Badlands to the Rocky Mountains – and making new and lasting friendships.

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See linked club: Hastings County 4-H Exchange Club

Brandon Area 4-H Clubs

Brandon, Manitoba is home to nearly 50,000 people with several bedroom communities that bring the population to well over 60,000. In the Brandon Zone there are 10 members from 4 different clubs taking part in the exchange, ranging in age from 12 to 17, and 2 chaperones. Members participate in a wide variety of projects in their multipurpose clubs, including fitness, fishing, science in the kitchen, curling, outdoor survival, and a beef club. Members go to different schools, but have found family and friendship in the 4-H program.

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See linked club: Ormstown and Howick 4-H Clubs

Challenging Pioneers 4-H Club

Goulds, Newfoundland and Labrador’s Challenging Pioneers is a multi-club consisting of 73 members, 16 leaders, and a number of community helpers. The club offers a range of experiences for its members, from cooking to summer wilderness, to calf training and small engine repair. Goulds has a number of dairy farms as well as equine, but the majority of the members are not from farming families, so regular visits to farms are part of the club’s list of activities. Members are involved in a host of community involvement initiatives and service projects.

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See linked club: Rocky South 4-H Beef Club

Chignecto/Nashwaak Valley 4-H Clubs

The Chignecto/Nashwaak Valley 4-H exchange group consists of 9 members and 2 chaperones from 3 clubs in New Brunswick:  5 members and 1 chaperone come from Chignecto 4-H Club, 3 members and 1 chaperone comes from Nashwaak Valley 4-H Club, and 1 member is from McKee's Mill 4-H Club. Some members are seasoned travellers, while others have never travelled at all. The group is very excited about their plans to show the East Coast to their Alberta twins.

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See linked club: Westlock District 4-H Exchange Group

Deep Creek Dairy 4-H Club

The Deep Creek Dairy 4-H Club is composed of youth from 12 to 16 years old who come from rural farms and urban centers. A few members from the Okanagan Shuswap 4-H Lamb Club are participating in the exchange as well. Members enjoy going to local fairs with their projects and participating in community service activities and fundraisers. This part of B.C. is a bountiful area that attracts tourists from all over the world, and club members look forward to sharing their experiences from the Club to Club exchange. 

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See linked club: Lennox and Addington 4-H Clubs

Dundas County 4-H Exchange Group

Dundas County in Ontario is bordered by the St. Lawrence River to the south and the City of Ottawa to the north. The area has many dairy farms and cash crop farms. The county 4-H club has about 80 members who are involved in a variety of projects, including dairy, beef, woodworking, cooking, and crafts/sewing, and the exchange group was formed from these different clubs. Members are looking forward to learning about a different part of Canada and the people who live there, and have been fundraising to showcase Dundas County to visiting partners.

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See linked club: Vegreville 4-H Exchange Group

East Lacombe 4-H Beef Club

East Lacombe 4-H Beef Club was established in 1919 and is the longest continuous running 4-H Club in Alberta, celebrating its centennial next year. The club currently has 12 members and 1 Cleaver.  Members are very active with steer projects, including 2-year-old and 3-year-old cow calf pairs, market steers, and carcass steers.  Eight East Lacombe members will be taking part in the Club to Club Exchange this year, and everyone is looking forward to meeting new 4-H friends!

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See linked club: Anola Northern Lights and Lorette Busy Bees 4-H Clubs

Hanna District 4-H Clubs

Ten 4-H youth from the Hanna District have formed an exchange group for the summer of 2018. Seven of the members come from the Dryland Multi 4-H Club,  one from East Sounding Creek 4-H Club, one from Hanna Rangeland, and one from Hanna Prairie Riders. Nine of the exchange participants have beef projects, and 1 has a horse project. All exchange participants live in the Special Areas and are excited to show their twins from Wellington County their corner of the world – and can’t wait to see theirs!

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See linked club: Wellington County 4-H Exchange Club

Hastings County 4-H Exchange Club

The Hastings County Exchange Club is made up of 9 members, all actively involved in different clubs ranging from cooking and baking to showing livestock to outdoor adventures, welding, plowing, small engines, CloverBuds, and more. The exchange club is a new experience, and all group members have been actively involved in planning and preparing for their summer adventures with their Alberta “twins.” The group is really excited about meeting new 4-H friends from another province, and learning about how similar, or different 4-H is, between provinces.

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See linked club: Battle River 4-H Beef Club

Headingley 4-H Club

This club’s exchange group is made up of 10 youth from 3 different clubs and 7 different communities in the Red River Valley and Central Plains areas of Manitoba, which is why the group calls itself the Red River Plains (gumbo) group. Members enjoy life skills projects such as outdoor living, science in the kitchen, woodworking, photography, and small animal care. They also like baseball, hockey, cheerleading, piano, singing, RC'ing, dirt biking, trampolining, outdoor fun, and spending time with family and friends. The youth are very excited about traveling and seeing another part of Canada!

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See linked club: Sou'West 4-H Club

Irishtown 4-H Club

The Irishtown 4-H Club has been around for approximately 30 years. Members enjoy a wide variety of projects including scrapbooking and photography, but the club is known mainly for its livestock projects such as goat, beef and draft horse. Irishtown 4-H is a relatively small group of 20 members ranging in ages from 6 to 17. Despite its small size, the group is active in the community and its members love to help others.

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See linked club: Springfield Shooting Stars, Steinbach Sizzlers and Homeschool 4-H Clubs

Minnedosa 4-H for Teens

The Minnedosa/Rapid City teens exchange group consists of 4 boys and 5 girls ranging in ages from 12 to 17. Except for the oldest member, this is everyone's first exchange group experience. The club is located in the middle of the prairies in a valley, two hours west of Winnipeg. Minnedosa is a farming community, and the 4-H group’s activities consist of multi-purpose and livestock projects, as well as community service projects. Group members are really looking forward to their exchange this summer in P.E.I.  

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See linked club: Summerside District 4-H Clubs

North Simcoe 4-H Clubs

North Simcoe is a group of boys and girls aged 12 to 16 who believe in the 4-H Motto “Learn to Do by Doing.” This group of youth are actively involved in their local communities of Elmvale, Phelpston and Vasey. All group members have participated in a variety of 4-H Clubs including dairy, beef, outdoor living and cooking. This is a unique group, as there are a number of siblings taking part in the Club to Club Exchange.

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See linked club: Barlow Creek 4-H Club

Ormstown and Howick 4-H Clubs

This group includes 6 members from Ormstown 4-H Club and 4 members from Howick 4-H Club. These 12 to 17 year olds are all involved in square dancing, while several others also complete combinations of dairy, small animals, public speaking, life skills, mechanics, and judging projects. They are active in their clubs in leadership roles, and in other groups like Guides, Scouts, students’ council, and on sports teams. Everyone is a resident of the Chateauguay Valley, a beautiful agricultural region just south of Montreal.

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See linked club: Brandon Area 4-H Clubs

Rocky South 4-H Beef Club

Rocky South is a market beef 4-H club with about 20 members. Located in central Alberta, the club has been running for 42 years and plays a significant role in its community. The South Club and the North Club participate in their Achievement Day together, so have joined forces to form the exchange group. Group members participate in the 4-H Canada Club to Club Exchange only every three years, so everyone is very excited to be taking part this year and all are looking forward to making new friends.

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See linked club: Challenging Pioneers 4-H Club

Russell County 4-H Clubs

The 10 participants from Russell 4-H Association live in Russell County/Cumberland Ward of the City of Ottawa. Even though the county is fairly close to the city, there are many dairy farms in the area, with the main cash crops being corn and soybeans. Members enjoy many different projects and clubs, including dairy calf, veterinary, cooking, gardening, small engines, heritage poultry, square dancing, cake decorating, and maple syrup. This is the first time in more than 20 years that Russell 4-H has participated in a club-to-club exchange, so everyone is very excited!

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See linked club: Drumheller District 4-H

Sou'West 4-H Club

Sou'West 4-H club was founded in 2015 in Barrington and the surrounding areas. There are currently 50 members consisting of 20 Cloverbuds aged 7 to 8, and 30 members aged 9 to 21. Projects include crafts, cake decorating, great outdoors, rabbit, beef, horse, sheep, and dog obedience. Members participate in local agricultural fairs and special community service projects such as parades, community clean-ups, and volunteering with local organizations. This is the club’s first time doing an exchange, and members are really looking forward to connecting with other parts of Canada.

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See linked club: Headingley 4-H Club

Springfield Shooting Stars, Steinbach Sizzlers and Homeschool 4-H Clubs

This exchange group is made up of three clubs from south eastern Manitoba. The Springfield Shooting Stars, the Steinbach Sizzlers and the Homeschool 4-H multipurpose clubs have joined together for this exciting summer experience. Members are looking forward to connecting with other 4-H’ers across Canada, and are eager to meet new friends and share new experiences. 

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See linked club: Irishtown 4-H Club

Summerside District 4-H Clubs

Summerside District is made up of 5 different 4-H clubs: Albany, Kensington, Freetown , Lot 16 , and Evangeline. For the 2018 exchange, there is 1 member from the Freetown 4-H club and 8 members from the Albany 4-H club. The clubs are multi-propose, where members can take any project registered in 4-H PEI. This year 4-H is celebrating its centennial year in PEI, and all clubs in the Summerside District are getting together for one big achievement day to celebrate the occasion!

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See linked club: Minnedosa 4-H for Teens

Vegreville 4-H Exchange Group

The Vegreville 4-H Exchange group is made up of 10 4-H members from the Vegreville 4-H Multi Club, Vegreville 4-H Beef club and Friends of 4-H. Members range in age from 12 to 17. Vegreville is a town of about 5,800, people, and the main income in the area is agriculturally based. Participants are evenly split, with half living in town and half living on farms in the area.

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See linked club: Dundas County 4-H Exchange Group

Wellington County 4-H Exchange Club

Members of the Wellington County 4-H Exchange Club come from a variety of 4-H backgrounds and have completed a variety of agricultural clubs including beef, dairy, sheep, poultry and veterinary. They have also participated in many other clubs including: potato, cooking, barn quilting, tractor pulling, engineering, Lego, woodworking, square dancing, Go for the Gold, and art. Some members have attended the 4-H Ontario Discovery Days and Youth Adventure Camps. The group is excited about its exchange with the Hanna Alberta Club.

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See linked club: Hanna District 4-H Clubs

Westlock District 4-H Exchange Group

This group is based out to the Westlock 4-H District, about 1 hour north of Edmonton.  Members come from five different club from the Westlock area. Many members are from beef clubs, with a few taking parts in small animal and life skill projects. The group is looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing a different part of Canada.

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See linked club: Chignecto/Nashwaak Valley 4-H Clubs

In the case where adequate funding is not achieved, the Club to Club Exchange program is subject to cancellation.