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Discover Science

Discover Science is 4-H Canada’s newest initiative to help 4-H’ers explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) in a fun and hands-on way!

Your club’s challenge

With the Discover Science Kit, your 4-H club will learn how to design and build your own wearable health monitor following the engineering design process. The challenge will touch on three important topics: engineering design, wearable technologies and health monitoring.

Wearable technologies are becoming more and more integrated into our lives, whether it’s to monitor our activity levels, provide health or medication updates, or send us information based on our location, there are so many ways to apply this technology to improve our lives!

By participating, your club will:

  • Design and build a functional fitness tracking prototype device
  • Apply the engineering design process (design, build, test, refine) to technology product creation
  • Learn about human health and how it can be tracked and improved using technology

What’s in your kit

By registering, your 4-H club will receive the Discover Science Kit, which contains the components to build a wearable health monitor, including:

  • A microprocessor (called ‘The THING’)
  • A pulse oximeter, tilt sensor, and all the materials to build the health monitor
  • One facilitator guide and five youth guides

This 70 to 90-minute hands-on project makes the perfect club meeting and is suitable for 4-H’ers age 9 to 17. Each kit can serve 4 to 8 members at a time and is reusable.

Due to U.S. copyright restrictions, the facilitator and youth guides are available in English only.

Registration for Discover Science closed March 28, 2019. Details on registration for 2020 will be available in Fall 2019. Check back here for more information. 

Join us in encouraging youth to explore their scientific curiosity outside of the classroom!

Have a question about Discover Science? Contact us at or 844-759-1013 ext. 132.

Discover Science is made possible through the generous support of Bayer Canada, our Science & Technology partner, and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)

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4-H Canada is excited to provide the Incredible Wearables kits to 4-H clubs across Canada as part of the first year of our new Discover Science Initiative. These kits were created by the National 4-H Council in the United States, developed by the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, and supported by various donors for National Youth Science Day in 2017.