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4-H Canada Healthy Living Initiative

4-H Canada is proud to launch the Healthy Living Initiative to support the emotional and physical well-being of rural youth across Canada, beginning in spring 2019.​

NEWS RELEASE - 4-H Canada receives multi-partner investments in helping youth thrive in rural communities

4-H Canada will deliver webinars and workshops and assist in the creation of resources that will be made available for the over 7,700 4-H volunteer leaders that are critical mentors and role models in adult-youth partnerships. These resources will train volunteers and offer resources that help recognize youth in distress and provide the access to support they need.

The healthy living initiative is in response to the critical needs of youth in rural communities in Canada. Young people living in rural and remote communities are at greater risk of experiencing struggles related to their mental and physical well-being and also lack the resources and services that might be available to those in more urban areas.

More information on this initiative and its resources will be available soon.

The 4-H Canada Healthy Living Initiative is made possible thanks to the generous support of: