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Proud to Bee a 4-H'er

Proud to Bee a 4-H’er introduces 4-H members to the vital role pollinator bees play in creating a healthy ecosystem and a sustainable food supply. This initiative provides 4-H’ers with the opportunities to learn about Canada’s pollinator bees and support the creation of healthy ecosystems in their communities.

To date, we've provided over 150,000 pollinator seed packets to 4-H members and clubs across Canada.

Activities for at-home exploring

We’re sharing our Proud to Bee a 4-H’er activity kit and resources for 4-H’ers, leaders, families, or youth new to 4-H to explore at home or with your club!

Activity Kit

The Proud to Bee a 4-H’er kit will guide you through learning about the amazing and fascinating work of Canada’s pollinators while getting outside to enjoy nature! This kit is free for 4-H members, leaders, families, or youth new to 4-H to order and use at home or with your club.

In this kit you will find:

  • Packets of our pollinator-friendly seed mix
  • Pollinator info cards to share with your friends and community
  • Digital resources to accompany the kit

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You can use your pollinator-friendly seeds however you like – whether that’s planting a community garden, selling them as a fundraiser, handing packets out a community event, planting gardens in your homes, or whatever else you choose. 100% of any revenue from seed sales will stay with your 4-H club.

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Proud to Bee a 4-H'er is part of 4-H Canada and its partner Syngenta Canada’s commitment to teaching our youth about the importance of building a sustainable future for all.


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