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4-H Canada Science Fair

Do you have a curiosity about the world around you?

The 4-H Canada Science Fair is an opportunity for you to explore, experiment and discover! As part of our 4-H Canada Science Fair, 4-H youth plan, research, complete and submit science projects, independently or as pairs, to be judged virtually, in the hopes of moving to our in-person round and ultimately to the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

The 4-H Canada Science Fair is open to 4-H’ers in grades 7 to 12 or enrolled in CÉGEP.

Registration for the 2021 4-H Canada Science Fair opens Sept. 1, 2020, and closes Jan. 11, 2021.

How does the 4-H Canada Science Fair work?

Either by yourself or with another 4-H’er, you’ll explore a topic of your choice to create your very own 4-H Canada Science Fair project. You’ll plan, research, build, experiment, test, analyze and do whatever it takes to complete your science fair project.

Virtual Round

You’ll develop and submit your project online as part of the virtual round. Your project then will be judged virtually.

In-Person Round

If you are successful in the virtual round, you’ll move on to the in-person round at the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources in Saskatoon, SK in March 2021, where five members will be selected as winners.

Canada-Wide Science Fair

The five winners and their projects will be entered into the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Ottawa, ON in May 2021 where they will compete against the best and the brightest from across Canada! 

Developing your 4-H Canada Science Fair project

What interests you? Is there something you would love to test or invent? Do you have a question that you want to explore? Whatever it is, the sky is the limit for your 4-H Canada Science Fair project.

You have access to resources and support from our Programs Team who can help with any questions you might have about your 4-H Canada Science Fair project.

Here are some resources you’ll need:

Finding a mentor to help you with your project

You can use a mentor to help you develop your science fair project! A mentor can be anyone who works to support you as you develop your 4-H Canada Science Fair project. Whether it’s a teacher, a parent, a 4-H club leader, a senior 4-H member, or a professional working in Science & Technology, a mentor can help you with the challenging parts of your project.

Mentors could help you with things like:

  • Securing workspace (like access to a science lab)
  • Helping you meet local experts in the field of your project
  • Reviewing your work, asking questions, or encouraging you

Whether you are a 4-H Canada member or a possible mentor, make sure to complete the Member-Mentor Code of Conduct.

Get started today!

Start your Science Fair project registration today, and submit your project before the deadline on January 11, 2021.

We’re looking for science fair judges

Are you a leader in science, technology, engineering, agriculture or mathematics? Share your expertise with 4-H youth and help build another generation of science enthusiasts! 

If you are interested in judging the 4-H Canada Science Fair, check out our judging opportunities.

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