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4-H Canada Science Fair

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Are you a 4-H youth in grade 7-12 or studying in CÉGEP with a curiosity about the world around you?  The 4-H Canada Science Fair is an opportunity for you to explore, experiment and discover! As part of our 4-H Canada Science Fair, 4-H youth plan, research, complete and submit science projects, independently or as pairs, to be judged virtually, in the hopes of moving to our in-person round and ultimately to the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Browse through the pages below to learn more about building a science project, finding a mentor and about the where our science fair can take you (hint: it’s across the country!).

Science & Technology programming is a core element to our 4-H identity. The world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) impacts our lives in many ways and empowers us to develop innovations that elevate the world around us.We believe that learning about Science & Technology will expand young people’s understanding of agriculture and open up doors for them to pursue STEM-related opportunities.

4-H Canada Science Fair Project for Members

What interests you? Is there something you would love to test or invent? Do you have a question that you want to explore? Whatever it is, the sky is the limit for your 4-H Canada Science Fair project. Keep in mind that registration and project submissions are open from September 1, 2018 – January 16, 2019, so register and start as soon as you can!

Participants have access to support and resources from our Manager of Youth Programs, Melina Found, who can help with any questions about the 4-H Canada Science Fair project, mentorship and about the Science & Technology pillar.

4-H Canada Science Fair Resources

Finding a 4-H Canada Science Fair Mentor

A mentor can be anyone who works to support a 4-H member as they develop their 4-H Canada Science Fair project. Teachers, parents, 4-H club leaders or professionals working in Science & Technology are examples of mentors. Mentors may help with things like:

  • Securing work space (e.g. access to a science lab)
  • Helping a member meet local experts in the field of their project
  • Reviewing the 4-H member’s work, asking questions, encouraging

Whether you are a 4-H Canada member or possible mentor, make sure to download and sign the Member-Mentor Code of Conduct found in the resources section of this page above!

4-H Canada Science Fair Judging

For the 2018 4-H Canada Science Fair: Virtual Round, judges will each virtually review approximately seven science fair projects from across the country between January 17 and 22, 2018.

For finalists who move on to the 4-H Canada Science Fair: In-Person Round, judging will take place Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus in Truro, Nova Scotia between February 28, 2018 and March 4, 2018, and review their projects in-person. Judges will be invited to participate in Science & Technology programming and to build connections with 4-H finalists.

If you are interested in judging the 4-H Canada Science Fair, visit the 4-H Canada Science Fair Judging Opportunities web page.

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