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2017 4-H Canada Science Fair

4-H Canada is thrilled to announce the winners of our second annual  4-H Canada Science Fair, selected by our panel of 12 judges. Five winners will move on to the Canada-Wide Science Fair taking place in Regina, Saskatchewan from May 18- 20, 2017.

Eighteen 4-H members traveled from across Canada for their chance to earn this top honour within 4-H Canada Science & Technology programming. For months, all of our finalists have been exercising their curiosity and demonstrating determination as they worked hard to complete their science fair projects. Each and every one of them exemplifies the problem-solving and leadership skills 4-H’ers are mastering across the country within areas of science, technology, engineering, math and agriculture.

At the 4-H Canada Science Fair, finalists have the chance to meet with their peers, exchange ideas and take part in activities and workshops that foster their knowledge and interest in Science & Technology.

Thanks to our hosting partner, Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus, these 4-H’ers will also have a chance to explore Science & Technology at the post-secondary level and gain insight into the important role Science & Technology plays in agriculture here in Canada.

4-H Canada Science Fair 2017

The 2017 4-H Canada Science Fair Winners Are:

Neleah L. - PE "Extracting Chitin From Lobster Shells"
Looking at two different processes for extracting chitin from lobster shells with the aim of creating a cheap bio plastic.

*CWSF Junior Bronze Medal Excellence Award
*CWSF Junior Award for best project in the Resource Challenge

Spencer S. Spencer S. - NB "Plants VS Pollution"
Looking at the environmental impacts of pollution on plant growth.

Evan K. - ON "Vegetable Oil Fuel"
Looking at alternative fuel options and how they impact the horsepower and torque from an engine. 

Kyra T. - BC "Hydroponic Forage: A Feasible Equine Feed Alternative"
Growing sprouted crops hydroponically as a way to address respiratory complications in horses.
*CWSF Intermediate Bronze Medal 

Kayli T. - BC "Wood Chips to Prevent Erosion"
Looking at the impact of putting down a bedding of wood chips to prevent erosion, including on angled surfaces.
* CWSF Junior Bronze Medal 

Jayme Picture Jayme G. - AB "Which Plants Grow Best in Which Manure"
Comparing different manures to see which yields the strongest plant growth.



Here is the complete list of finalists.




Thank you to our generous Science & Technology partners listed below. For more information about 4-H Canada National Partners and Sponsors click  here.             

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