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4-H Canada Science Fair Judging Opportunities

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Are you a leader in a science, technology, engineering, agriculture or mathematics? Share your expertise with 4-H youth and help build another generation of science enthusiasts! 

We’re looking for judges for the 4-H Canada Science Fair!

Judging Opportunities

4-H Canada Science Fair: Virtual Round

For the first round of the 4-H Canada Science Fair, judges will virtually review approximately seven science fair projects from 4-H’ers between January 17 and 22, 2020. We need judges from across Canada to participate.

4-H Canada Science Fair: In-Person Round

For the second round of the 4-H Canada Science Fair, judging will take place at the University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan between February 26 and March 2, 2020. Judges will review projects during this in-person round, and are invited to participate in science and technology programming to build connections with 4-H finalists. We need judges who reside in Nova Scotia and across the Maritimes.

Judging Qualifications

  • An undergraduate degree in science, technology, engineering or math
  • Work experience in your field of study is an asset
  • Experience judging is an asset 
  • For the in-person round, judges must be from the Maritimes and are willing to travel

Read the 4-H Canada Science Fair judging rubric for other judging requirements.

If you are interested in judging for any of these two awesome opportunities, please contact Melina Found, our Youth Programs Manager, to indicate your interest and explore your opportunities as a judge.