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Steeped in Soil

Check out our new soil initiative, Dig Into Soil, and register to receive your free at-home composting kit before Feb. 28, 2021.

Steeped in Soil encourages 4-H members to understand and appreciate the importance of healthy soils. Through the Steeped in Soil activities, 4-H clubs and their members get their hands dirty as they learn the nitty-gritty about soils, explore healthy soils with hands-on activities, and participate in science experiments.

Activities for at-home exploring

We’re sharing our Steeped in Soil activity kit and resources for 4-H’ers, leaders, families, or youth new to 4-H to explore at home or with your club!

Activity Kit

This Steeped in Soil kit will guide you through learning the nitty-gritty about soil, choosing from a variety of hands-on activities to understand the importance of soil health, and participate in a global citizen science experiment!

This kit has sold out and is no longer available. Check out the activity book below for more soil fun!

Activity Book

The Steeped in Soil Activity Book has all the back-‘ground’ information on soil and lots of activities for exploring at home.


These individual activities can also be found in the full Activity Book

Additional Resources

Steeped in Soil is part of 4-H Canada and its partner Syngenta Canada’s commitment to teaching our youth about the importance of building a sustainable future for all.

Have a question about Steeped in Soil? Contact us at or 1-844-759-1013 ext. 132.