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Steeped in Soil

Through Steeped in Soil, your 4-H club will learn the nitty-gritty about soil, participate in a global science experiment, and choose from a variety of hands-on activities to understand the importance of soil health!

How it works

Members will bury tea bags in the soil to measure how degraded the tea bags become after three months. They will collect data from their experiment and share it to create a collective pool of results that is helping to build a picture of soil health around the world.

Participating clubs will:

  • Learn about and identify soils
  • Understand the importance of healthy soils
  • Conduct in-the-field tests
  • Participate in a nation-wide citizen science experiment

By registering, your club will receive the Steeped in Soil Kit, which includes:

  • The Steeped in Soil activity book, which will be emailed to your club and also available to download from 4-H LEARNS
  • Materials to conduct the Steeped in Soil experiment
  • pH strips to test different soil samples
  • Soil Texture Triangle to determine the texture of different soil sample
  • A PowerPoint presentation that you can give to your members before heading outdoors

Join us in learning about soils, participate in a national science experiment, and go outside and get messy!

Steeped in Soil is part of 4-H Canada and its partner Syngenta Canada’s commitment to teaching our youth about the importance of building a sustainable future for all.

Have a question about Steeped in Soil? Contact us at or 844-759-1013 ext. 132.