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Steeped in Soil

The deadline for clubs to sign up for this initiative is May 20, 2018.

4-H Canada and Syngenta Canada are excited to announce the new club outreach initiative: Steeped in Soil! This program is generously supported by Syngenta, and is meant to increase our members’ understanding and appreciation of the important role soils play in our lives.

Participating clubs will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about and identify soils
  • Understand the importance of healthy soils
  • Conduct in-the-field tests
  • Participate in a nation-wide citizen science experiment

Clubs that register will receive:

  • The Steeped in Soil activity book, which will be emailed to your club and also available to download from 4-H LEARNS
  • Materials to conduct the Steeped in Soil experiment
  • pH strips to test different soil samples
  • Soil Texture Triangle to determine the texture of different soil sample
  • A PowerPoint presentation that you can give to your members before heading outdoors

Join us in learning about soils, participate in a national science experiment, and go outside and get messy!

Thank you to our partner: