4-H Project Spotlight: Starting a Business

Did you know that 4-H project types are endless? From beekeeping to equine to

mastering leadership to cooking, 4-H members are learning new skills and

experimenting with new interests and passions. How? By doing of course!


With over 100 different projects to choose from across Canada, how is a member to

choose? In this new blog post series, meet 4-H’ers and learn about their favourite 4-

H projects.

NAME: Chloe Prevost
CLUB: Piney 4-H Clovers, MB
PROJECT: Mastering Starting a Business

Q. What are meetings like for the Mastering Starting a Business project?

A. We went over different businesses in our community and tried to learn more

about them by visiting them to hopefully help us with our businesses.

Q. What’s your favourite thing you learned through your 4-H project?

A. I really enjoyed sales and marketing because we had lots of fun pitching random

items in the house like toilet paper. We also got to design logos and our leader was

very kind and put our logos on some mugs and pens to show off at achievements.


What makes the 4-H program unique is that it’s all about what areas you are

interested to experiment in. If you have an idea you’d like to learn more about and

it’s not on your province’s project list – most provinces offer a design-your-own-

project option, often referred to as a self-determined project.


What are you making, building or doing with your 4-H projects? Share photos of your

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