Want $500 for Your Club? Here’s How to Apply for the FCC 4-H Club Fund!

Could your club use some extra funds to make this year extra awesome? The FCC 4-H Club Fund has $100,000 available in grants of up to $500 for 4-H clubs, districts, or regions across Canada. Grants can be used for developing existing programs, covering the costs of local events, supporting volunteers, or supplying resource materials for members.

We know submitting your club’s application can feel intimidating, especially if it’s your first time applying, but don’t fret! Here are some tips to help you write a successful application to the FCC 4-H Club Fund.

  1. Review the guidelines and know how they apply to your club

Knowing and understanding the Club Fund guidelines when applying will help you make the review process as easy and seamless as possible. We recommend reviewing the guidelines before starting to prepare your application.

Some notable guidelines include:

  • Your club can apply a maximum of two (2) times per year.
  • There is a list of eligible activities and exclusions you should review before planning on your activity.
  • Make sure you have a primary contact assigned to the application.
  • If the person submitting the application is not the Key Leader, make sure the Key Leader is informed that an application is being made.
  • The grant will not support activities that benefit only one individual, capital projects or expenditures like machinery or buildings, and program registration fees for conferences or seminars.
  1. Choose the right activity and budget

Once you’ve landed on the perfect activity for your club, now is time to plan timelines and budget! Preparing a timeline for your activity in advance is an important step in helping you achieve your goals. Make sure to set an achievable timeline and stick with it!

Your club can receive a grant of up to $500, and setting your budget is important for a successful application. Make sure to set a clear proposal for what items the money will be used for, and exactly how much funding you will need.

  1. Getting those finishing touches

First, determine who will be the primary contact for the application. This person will be the main contact for all communications, updates, and reporting.

You will also need to determine how many participants will be involved in the activity. Be sure to detail how many 4-H members, non-members, parents, leaders, and/or community members will take part in the activity or will be impacted by this activity.

To make sure you can receive the funds properly and effectively, funds will be distributed through an Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) directly to your club’s bank account. If your club has a bank account, you will need to provide banking information and a blank cheque in your application. If you’re unsure of where to obtain this information, contact your bank. If your club does not have a bank account, you can leave this information blank and you will be contacted for alternate arrangements – upon a successful application.

Lastly, seeking a review from a peer can help you finish and perfect your application! You can add a collaborator to your application in the application portal to help you complete the information that you’re submitting.

  1. Make your idea stand out

When writing your application, it’s important to detail your idea in an exciting and enticing way. You only have a maximum of 200 words to describe what the funds will be used for. This is your chance to be creative, informative, and share only the most important aspects of your activity. Be sure to highlight how funding will benefit youth or your club.

With these tips, you should be all set to complete a standout Club Fund application – good luck!

Applications to the FCC 4-H Club Fund close Saturday, Nov. 28. For more information, visit https://4-h-canada.ca/clubfunds, or start your application today here.

The FCC 4-H Club Fund is made possible thanks to the generous support of Farm Credit Canada.