Here are 4 Unique Ways Your Club Could Use the FCC 4-H Club Fund

Every year, the FCC 4-H Club Fund awards $100,000 in grants of up to $500 to 4-H clubs, districts, and regions across Canada! The support from the FCC 4-H Club Fund can go towards developing existing programs, covering the costs associated with local events, supporting volunteers, or purchasing various resource materials.

Have you been considering applying but aren’t sure what you would use the money for? Or have too many ideas of what you can use them for? We caught up with a few 4-H clubs across the country to learn what they used their Club Fund for over the years. Here are just a few ideas for your 4-H club

1. Host team-building events

The Edgerton 4-H Multi Club in Alberta decided to use the funds they were awarded to host not one, but two team-building events for their 4-H club! On one of the team-building days, the club got together for a tobogganing party and hotdog dinner. Then, a couple of days later, the club got together again for an escape room challenge where they broke into groups and had to work together to solve puzzles and escape the rooms.

Here’s what the club leader had to say:

“Working together was key, and we are proud that all teams made it out of at least one room... between the two events, we were able to enjoy watching all club members playing and working together. It was awesome!”

*Photos taken prior to COVID-19

3. Work with Honeybees

For the Aberdeen Sunset Rangers 4-H Club in Saskatchewan, they decided to prepare something unique for their upcoming achievement day – robots! After they received a large shipment of robot pieces, the club members used 3D images and a set of instructions on their iPads and smartphones to put the robots together. The members used their Club Funds to explore STEM, learn something new, and have some fun!

*Photo taken prior to COVID-19

2. Build a robot

The Burnham 4-H Community Club in ­Saskatchewan were busy bees when they got the opportunity to learn about and raise honeybees, and even make their own honey, with their Club Fund. This club used this learning opportunity as a chance to take their honey around the community and speak to youth about the process. They faced some challenges along the way but were able to Learn To Do By Doing!

*Photo taken prior to COVID-19

4. Create an at-home activity kit

Adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, Manitoba’s Headingley 4-H Club decided to create their very own 4-H in a Box activity kit. They wanted to provide their members and their families with tasty snacks, mini-projects, and fun activities that they can complete at home – knowing that their fellow 4-H club members are virtually participating in the same activities!

Get started on your application today!

With these ideas we hope you are extra-inspired to plan something special for your 4-H club and apply to the FCC 4-H Club Fund today! Need some help filling out the application? Check out our blog post from 2020 full of tips.

Applications to the FCC 4-H Club Fund close Sunday, Oct. 31. For more information, visit

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The FCC 4-H Club Fund is made possible thanks to the generous support of Farm Credit Canada.