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4-H Canada Science Fair 2018

The 2018 4-H Canada Science Fair took place from February 28, 2018 to March 4, 2018 at the Dalhousie University Agriculture Campus in Truro, Nova Scotia. 

18 4-H members travelled from across Canada for their chance to earn the top honour within 4-H Canada Science & Technology programming. For months, all of our finalists had been exercising their curiosity and demonstrating determination as they worked hard to complete their science fair projects. Each and every one of them exemplifies the problem-solving and leadership skills 4-H’ers are mastering across the country within areas of science, technology, engineering, math and agriculture.

At the 4-H Canada Science Fair, finalists had the chance to meet with their peers, exchange ideas and take part in activities and workshops that foster their knowledge and interest in Science & Technology.

Thanks to our hosting partner, Dalhousie University Agricultural Campus, these 4-H’ers will also had a chance to explore Science & Technology at the post-secondary level and gain insight into the important role Science & Technology plays in agriculture here in Canada.

2018 4-H Canada Science Fair Winners

These five brilliant 4-H'ers will be moving on to the Canada-Wide Science Fair in Ottawa, Ontario in May 2018:

Neleah L., Prince Edward Island
Cost-Effective Extraction of Chitin and Chitosan from Lobster Shells
An experiment assessing whether household chemicals can be used to extract chitin and chitosan from lobster shells, at an equal efficacy as lab-grade chemicals, and at a significantly reduced cost.

Lara and Liesl S., Alberta
The Impacts of Applying Various Cleaning Solutions in Terms of Biosecurity
An experiment assessing the efficacy of a variety of cleaning solutions, with recommendations to combat biosecurity challenges.

Amanda H., Alberta
Crickets for Lunch
An experiment looking at whether it is possible to raise crickets from household food waste to have a similar protein level to commercially raised crickets.

Mac D., British Columbia
Safer Chick-Ments
An innovation project, looking at designing a chick shipment container that reduces stress and mortality in day-old chicks being shipped in the poultry industry.

NEWS RELEASE: 4-H Canada to Send Five 4-H’ers to Canada-Wide Science Fair.

Check out these photos from the 4-H Canada Science Fair!

2018 4-H Canada Science Fair Finalists

Mac D., British Columbia - Safer Chick-Ments

Lara and Liesl S., Alberta - The Impacts of Applying Various Cleaning Solutions in Terms of Biosecurity

Amanda H., Alberta - Crickets for Lunch

Grace C., Alberta - The Effects of Dirty Water and Dehydration on Horses

Ruby and Isobel K., Saskatchewan - Analyzing the Growth of Microgreens, Using a Refractometer

Danielle S., Manitoba - Which Contributes More to High Intelligence: Nature or Nurture?

Madison C. and Madison E., Ontario - How Feed Can Affect Milk Production in Dairy Cattle

Andrew J., Ontario - Milk Feeder Fever

Michael J., Ontario - Mustard Mania­

Spencer S., New Brunswick - Juicy Roots

Neleah L., Prince Edward Island - Cost-Effective Extraction of Chitin and Chitosan from Lobster Shells

Chelsey M. and Caelan D., Nova Scotia - Bathing Suit Pillow Cases

Mikaela R., Nova Scotia - Are We Targeting the Wrong End of the Leash?

Alicia W., Newfoundland - How Efficient Are Your Calves?


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