How Have 4-H Alumni Inspired You?

When I was eight, the neighbour’s kids training their 4-H calves on our lawn inspired me to join 4-H.

When I was 16, the senior 4-H members at leadership camp inspired me to study agriculture at the University of Guelph.

When I was 25, a 4-H friend inspired me to start rowing and then, my former 4-H judging coach inspired me to run for the 4-H Canada Board of Directors.

As a lifelong 4-H’er, these people are among many 4-H alumni who have been integral to my personal and career development. Today, I am lucky to meet the 4-H members of the past and present, and I continue to be inspired and influenced.

This is just my story. Imagine how many other former 4-H members were inspired to do great things by those around them that belong to the 4-H family. You are change-makers and the “doers” in our communities. You are award-winning farmers and globally-recognized industry leaders. You are dedicated public servants and celebrated athletes – Olympians even!

I am continually impressed with your sense of purpose, community dedication and ambition. This is why, we are introducing a new award to recognize our outstanding 4-H alumni.

The first 4-H Canada Distinguished Alumni Award will be presented to an alum who is an outstanding mentor, embodies 4-H values and is a leader in a field related to our four Leadership Development Pillars; Community Engagement & Communications, Environment & Healthy Living, Science & Technology, or Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security.

Across Canada, we estimate there are more than 350,000 4-H alumni leading in our communities and helping to make our world a better place. We are proud of all our alumni and think it’s time we turn the volume up and help share the great things you are doing!

If you were or continue to be inspired by a certain 4-H alum you think deserves some recognition, please consider nominating them! If they win, you could both join us to celebrate their accomplishments at the 4-H Leadership Awards this winter!

But hurry! Nominations will only be accepted until 4 PM ET on October 1, 2018.

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Author: Jennifer Christie, Director of Business Development, 4-H Canada