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4-H Brand Consultation

Aligning the 4-H brand has been a long-standing discussion nationwide for many years. Across the country, 4-H staff, volunteers, and supporters are passionate about addressing the need to build a clear, cohesive brand identity for the 4-H movement in Canada. This, in turn, led to Identity becoming one of the four key areas of the Directional Overview.

The 4-H clover is so much more than just a logo. It represents the unique and distinct experience you have when interacting with 4-H. Strengthening and aligning the 4-H brand across Canada will help us better define and articulate our role as Canadian leaders in positive youth development. But more importantly, it will support us in maintaining relevance with today’s youth.

At the 4-H Canada AGM last May, a Logo Task Force Committee was created and asked to provide recommendations on re-energizing 4-H’s visual identity. The committee was comprised of the following people:

  • Chair: Randy Mowat – VP Marketing MNP and Vice-Chair Canadian 4-H Foundation
  • Breanne Durie – 4-H member, former 4-H Canada Council Member and YAC representative
  • Debra Brown – Executive Director 4-H Ontario
  • Leanne Sprung – Senior 4-H & Youth Specialist, Manitoba Agriculture, Food & Rural Development
  • Linda Porter – 4-H Canada Council Member and Executive Director 4-H New Brunswick
  • Lorelei Muller – Executive Director of 4-H Quebec
  • Susann Stone – Executive Director of the 4-H Council of Alberta

Key considerations for the committee included honouring 4-H’s core values, respecting the heritage of the organization, and evolving the logo to engage our youth audience. Following discussions with stakeholders across Canada, it was determined that there is a strong appetite for updating the 4-H Canada logo; a general comprehension of what aligning and strengthening the brand can do for the 4-H movement; and agreement on new visual identity and the roll-out process.

In November 2014, a new clover design was brought forward to the Canadian 4-H Council Board of Directors. At that time, the Board requested further consultation with all provincial leaders, councils, foundations and government representatives to ensure the branding initiatives are understood and approved in principle by stakeholders across the country. Following this extensive consultation process, the Board approved the new logo in February 2015.

The refreshed 4-H Canada logo will be launched at the 2015 4-H Canada AGM on June 11, 2015. This will be a historic moment for 4-H in Canada, and through our commitment to brand alignment across the country, we anticipate significant potential for growth of the 4-H program.

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