Membership at a national level means you become a Governing Member of 4-H Canada.

Governing Members play a critical role in 4-H Canada.

As a Governing Member you get to directly support the strategic direction and advancement of 4-H in Canada to ensure we continue to empower youth to Learn To Do By Doing.

Governing Membership is different from youth membership and enrollment.

To join a community-based 4-H club, please visit our Find a Club page.

What is a Governing Member?

Become a Governing Member

All Governing Memberships include a list of valuable benefits.

There are three levels of governing membership

Find out which one is right for you or your organization

  • Individual memberships are available to alumni, volunteers, and individual supporters of 4-H who wish to actively participate in the direction of the 4-H movement.
  • Associate Memberships are available to registered charitable or non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and business and trade organizations.
  • Corporate Memberships are available to companies, corporations, and co-operatives, and provide the opportunity to designate a voting representative.

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