Community-based clubs are the grassroots of 4-H in Canada. Lead by 4-H volunteers, youth ages 6-25 complete projects, conduct club meetings, and participate in a range of experiential learning activities in over 900 clubs across Canada.


10 accredited provincial 4-H organizations oversee the 4-H program in their provinces independently. These organizations manage the operation and activities of 4-H in their provinces, including youth enrollment, volunteer screening, club support, as well as regional and provincial programming.

The following provincial 4-H organizations are accredited and endorsed by 4-H Canada:


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4-H Canada is the national governing body for 4-H in Canada. Formed in 1933 as the Canadian 4-H Council to act on behalf of the 4-H movement. The national 4-H Canada office oversees the 4-H license, accreditation, standards of practice, risk management, trademarks, as well as the 4-h brand. 4-H Canada provides a range of national programs for youth and volunteers, as well various supports like scholarships, club funds, fundraising initiatives, and more.

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Governance of 4-H Canada

4-H Canada is governed by a national volunteer board that oversees and works alongside stakeholders to set 4-H Canada’s overarching strategic direction for the 4-H movement in Canada.

The board is elected by and is accountable to 4-H Canada’s Governing Members – individuals aged 18+ and organizations dedicated to the strategic advancement of the 4-H movement.

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