Our programming centres around providing youth with the guidance, resources, and opportunities to lead, contribute, succeed, grow, and innovate.

4-H provides youth with the guidance, resources, and opportunities to become contributing leaders in their community, their country, and the world, by preparing them for the various paths of life, and encouraging them to find their sense of self, purpose, and responsibility.

At the centre of all 4-H programs is the positive youth development, or PYD, formula. Positive youth development is an approach to understanding and working with children and adolescents that focuses on building assets and celebrating strengths.

At 4-H, our positive youth development programming is centred around learning to do by doing, which empowers youth, and gives them the skills to contribute, create and lead for a lifetime, and the confidence, independence, and resilience to carry them through their academic and professional careers.

Our volunteer leaders run various clubs under our pillars of focus:

Community Engagement & Communications

Community engagement and communications are cornerstone elements of 4-H activities across Canada, and around the world. From volunteering locally or globally, to voicing concerns on issues that matter to them most, today’s youth are making a fundamental impact on their communities simply by using the time and the platforms available to them. The way we communicate is vastly changing thanks to many developing technologies that today’s youth have at their fingertips.

At 4-H Canada, our programs and events are designed with the belief that our youth have the ability to make a meaningful difference both locally and globally. This means our youth get involved and have a voice at the table.

Science & Technology

Science and technology impact our everyday lives in so many ways and includes youth in both rural and urban communities. STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) plays a key role in these innovations, as agriculture evolves, and farming practices become more sustainable. 4-H believes that learning about the fascinating world of science and technology will expand young people’s understanding of agriculture and will open doors for them to pursue STEM-related opportunities as they grow into adults.

Through our science and technology programming, youth can dive into hands-on, inquiry-based projects and activities that spark curiosity.

Environment & Healthy Living

4-H is committed to offering programs and activities that promote the health and well-being of youth, their communities, and their planet. We believe it’s important to know how to protect your own health, how to make sustainable decisions to help our planet, and how to support others in their well-being. Being aware of the environmental impact of our everyday behavior, routines, and habits is a responsibility today’s youth take very seriously.

At 4-H Canada, we believe youth have the power to make positive change in the world around them.

Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security

4-H has deep roots in rural agricultural communities and was founded on the innovation and energy of youth engaged in those communities. 4-H Canada continues to cultivate a strong understanding of, and enthusiasm for, Canada’s agricultural practices. As global citizens, today’s youth are becoming more and more interested in where our food comes from, how it is grown and produced, and what the environmental effects of agricultural practices are on the planet.

At 4-H, we are committed to supporting youth as they explore issues related to sustainable agriculture and food security at home, and abroad. Youth engagement in this global issue is vital to understanding the food we grow and eat, and is essential for the creation of innovative solutions for feeding the planet

Our goal is to cultivate a safe, caring, inclusive environment where youth can learn critical, transferrable skills that they will use throughout their lifetime.

In addition to participating in clubs, 4-H members are eligible for multiple opportunities including exchanges, internships, scholarships, awards, and more.