We’re excited to re-introduce our Making a Splash Outreach Initiative!

The Making A Splash Activity Book and Kit introduces youth to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14 – Life Below Water as it guides them through a variety of hands-on activities to discover their personal role in supporting and protecting healthy water ecosystems. From learning about the water cycle, to microplastics in the ocean, to acidification, Making A Splash is the perfect introduction to understanding how vital our waterways are to humans and organisms around the globe.

Encourage your youth to start their own ripple effect by educating themselves about the earth’s water supply!

Activity Kit

We have of-fish-ially reached capacity for our Making A Splash Activity Kits!

Registration for this kit is now closed for 2023.

Activity Book

The Activity Book guides youth through experiential activities to discover their personal role in supporting healthy water ecosystems. Through hands-on activities, youth learn the importance of making healthy choices, developing sustainable solutions, and exploring positive ways to make environmental impacts.

This resource can be used by youth individually, by families at home, or by leaders and their 4-H clubs who are gathering virtually or in person.

Thank you to our partners

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