Support your 4-H members getting career-ready!

It’s exciting to see 4-H’ers find their passion and start on the path to pursuing their dream career. Volunteer club leaders are a vital resource for youth to turn to during this exciting, but often challenging, time in their lives.

Supporting 4-H’ers on this journey is easier than you might think! We’ve developed some resources with simple ways to incorporate career readiness skills into your existing club programming.

Free resources

These resources are available for you to download for free and use when planning your club programming.

STEM Resource Web Graphic Supporting the Development of STEM Skills in Youth

STEM-related skills like design thinking, critical thinking, and the ability to learn from failures are sought by employers across various sectors. The demand for these skills is expected to grow as our world continues to evolve.

As a 4-H leader you may be wondering why STEM is important and how it relates to 4-H programming. This resource is a guide to help you better understand STEM, how it relates to career readiness skills, and how you can create opportunities for 4-H members to build these skills in your club programming.

Supporting the Development of Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurship isn’t new to the 4-H program or its youth members. From raising and selling market animals to setting up a stall at a local farmers market, 4-H has woven entrepreneurship into programming for a long time. However, the integration of these skills into programming, with careful thought and intent, will help ensure maximum benefit for members.

This resource provides plenty of suggestions on how to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in members so they can take skills developed through 4-H club activities and put them towards future endeavors amid a changing employment landscape.

Supporting the Development of Networking Skills

Networking has always been a vital career skill. Whether looking to enter the world of work, change jobs, learn more or support others, networking will continue to be vital to career success for everyone.

Networking is built on effective communication - something that is part of every 4-H project in many ways from public speaking to club positions. Integrating further skill building that supports effective networking into regular 4-H club programming can be easy to do, too. In this resource, you’ll find ideas for talking about networking, and tips to integrate skill building for effective networking into routine club projects.

Supporting the Creative and Critical Thinking Skills of Youth

As the world of work continues to change, how can we support youth in preparing for their future careers?

The key is supporting the development of their transferable skills – the abilities and qualities they can use regardless of the specific job or context. Integrating creative and critical thinking skills into regular club programming is easy to do, and a natural way to support skill development.

Supporting Youth Financial Literacy Skills

Skill mastery in financial literacy supports youth in understanding important concepts, helping them become responsible, economically secure, independent, and successful in life. From saving and budgeting to understanding debt and investing, these skills give youth the confidence to make educated decisions and choices that can set them on a positive path for life.

This resource focuses on two broad financial literacy areas: saving and budgeting. You’ll find ideas for talking about these topics and simple tips to integrate the skills into club projects.

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