4-H Canada creates informative publications for various levels of involvement and interest with our organization! Here you can find: The 4-H Advantage, The Pledge, our program catalogue, and our annual report!

The 4-H Advantage

The 4-H Advantage is the annual magazine that provides 4-H members, volunteer leaders, and families with fun activities, updates and coverage of all things 4-H in Canada!

Program Catalogue

Our program catalogue provides details on national opportunities and support available to 4-H members, 4-H clubs, and 4-H volunteer leaders. Programs are offered throughout the year and specific dates, deadlines, and details can be found at the back of the catalogue!

The Pledge

The Pledge is 4-H Canada's first magazine dedicated to 4-H alumni in Canada, featuring 4-H success stories, professional development and networking opportunities! As a direct channel to our growing network of 4-H alumni, this publication shines a light on the long-lasting, positive impact of the 4-H program in Canada.

Annual Report

Our annual report publishes an overview of the activities, events, and statistics of the past fiscal year.

Within the annual report, you will find financial reports, membership and club statistics, partner recognition, an update profiling each provincial 4-H organization, and more.

Contact us for additional information, older issues, or to inquire about submitting content.