Career Exploration Modules

With the Careers on the Grow Career Exploration Modules, you can build key career readiness skills and practice them through a personalized hands-on, experiential challenge. These modules are completely individualized – meaning that you will complete activities that consider and focus on your career journey.

These modules are available for free to students in secondary or post-secondary school.

About the Modules

There are two modules currently being offered – Growing My Career Choices, a module for youth at the secondary level, and Cultivating Career Possibilities, a module for youth at the post-secondary level.

Secondary Level Module: Growing My Career Choices

This module is an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself, different career sectors, career opportunities, and some of the many career choices that are available to you. Whether you already have an idea of what career you’re interested in, are trying to choose between different options, or have no idea at all, this module can help.

Post-Secondary Module: Cultivating Career Possibilities

This module is an opportunity for you to learn more about what you want from your future career, discover new career possibilities, and consider how you’re going to achieve these career goals. This module will provide you with resources and support to help prepare for your future career.

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