Powered Up provides hands-on learning experiences for youth to explore alternative, affordable, and clean energy while enabling them to be energy champions in their own communities through a variety of activities. This initiative allows youth to learn either at home with their families or through their 4-H club supported by their volunteer leader.

This initiative introduces youth to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy. There’s plenty of fun-filled and hands-on activities to enjoy along the way, including making S’mores with the power of the sun.

Activity Book

The Activity Book contains the basics and background information on alternative and clean energy and explores solar, wind, hydroelectric, nuclear, and geothermal energy sources. The book includes instructions for hands-on activities that help youth build upon learning and develop skills to identify different energy sources.

Activity Kit

The Activity Kit contains materials to support the Activity Book that facilitate learning on affordable and clean energy, either at home or as a club, as well as physical copies of the Activity Book.

Registration to receive an Activity Kit has closed and kits have shipped.

Check out Activity Book above for more energy exploration fun!

*While the Activity Kit has materials for some of the activities, you can still use the Activity Book to explore clean energy at home.

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