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My Career, My Future offers 4-H Canada members and their clubs across the country the opportunity to learn about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth and how they can play a role in supporting full and productive employment and decent work for all. This resource is perfect for all 4-H members to discover their personal role in ensuring that everyone can benefit from entrepreneurship and innovation in their community, their country, and their world.

Activity Kit

This FREE My Career, My Future activity kit is an amazing opportunity to Learn To Do By Doing. Along with a printed Activity Book, this activity kit equips you (and/or your club) with a 4-H Canada clipboard (10 per club kit) that can be used when attending networking events or interviews, a 4-H Canada Pin (10 per club kit), information about access to an exclusive career event, and a set of four leader careers resources (club kits only).

Don't miss out on the opportunity to assist youth in developing the necessary skills to achieve their future career goals, while encouraging them to become an inclusive and sustainable work champion by learning about SDG 8!

Registration for this activity kit will be open from May 1 - 31 while supplies last. Get yours today!

Register for your My Career, My Future Activity Kit!

Activity Book

Visualize your future pathway through creative and hands-on activities with the My Career, My Future Activity Book! Evaluate how your 4-H experience has equipped you with valuable skills and experiences, write a resume and cover letter, and learn about interview best practices and inclusive and sustainable work for all. Experience first-hand what makes you unique and how to stand out to employers with this amazing resource.

Featuring colourful graphics, engaging content, and experiential activities, the Activity Book makes learning fun, while encouraging research and reflection on a variety of topics.

Bonus, this activity book is FREE to download!

Download the My Career, My Future Activity Book Now!

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