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4-H Brand FAQ

Q: When will the new brand be launched?
A: We will reveal the new brand at the 4-H Canada Annual General Meeting on June 11, 2015 in Fredericton, NB. We are working on plans on how to include our members and volunteers across the country in the excitement that day…so stay tuned.

Q: How will the launch of new brand impact my Club?
A: This is a soft launch, meaning there is neither requirement nor expectation that existing branded materials be discarded. Continue using those items until they are all gone. Please use the new brand when producing new materials, however. This way, we will phase in the new brand without incurring unnecessary cost. 

Q: Why are we changing the logo?
A: This is about more than just a logo – we are building a stronger brand for 4-H all across the country. The fact that so many different logos are currently in use, is an indicator that our brand architecture is not inclusive, resulting in a fragmented public image. The new clover will allow Provinces and Clubs to add their own identifiers to the logo which will foster a consistent, cohesive brand. 

Strengthening and aligning the 4-H brand across Canada will help us more clearly articulate our role as Canadian leaders in positive youth development. But more importantly, it will support us in maintaining relevance with today’s youth. This will help build the organization’s profile and clarify to stakeholders and the public that we are one, united movement. 

Q: What if people don’t recognize the new logo as 4-H? Isn’t there a risk we will actually hurt our brand?
A: Honouring 4-H’s core values, respecting our heritage and evolving the logo to match our youth audience were key considerations in the decision-making process. The logo will embrace the past while re-energizing the look and feel in a way that it is unmistakably recognizable as 4-H. In other words, this is a brand evolution, not a revolution. To see some examples of how brands evolve, please see slide 36 of this

Q: What are the benefits to rebranding for 4-H?
A: There are many benefits that will positively impact our members, ability to raise fund and our public image, including: 

  • Communicate the vibrancy and energy of the organization
  • Attract new members
  • Engage youth 
  • Build the public perception of the organization and the value it brings to Canadian youth
  • Reinforce 4-H as a leader, driver and 4-H Canada as the custodian of the 4-H brand.

Q: Why are we changing our logo now?
A: The 4-H community has been discussing the need for a cohesive brand for decades. In fact, our stakeholders have asked us to take a strong leadership role in adopting a single logo. In May 2014, 4-H Canada released its strategic plan
[] which established Identity as one of four strategic priorities: “Strengthen and align the 4-H brand across Canada. Define our role in Canada as leaders in positive youth development and maintain a relevant voice with today’s youth”. This rebranding is an important step in addressing that priority.

Q: Will there be rules around how to use the new logo?  If so, why now after all of these years?
A: Any brand worth having is worth protecting. Currently there are no clear guidelines on how to ensure the right people are using the brand in the right way. 4-H Canada will address this when the new 4-H clover launches. This is a best practice for well-regarded not-for-profits. 

Q: Who owns the logo? Is it trademarked?
4-H Canada owns the current logo and will own the new logo.  It is trademarked, which means it is legally registered. To learn more about the protection of Canadian trademarks, please
visit the Trade-marks Act website

Q: Who can use the logo?  Can I give this logo to fair boards or sponsors who want to give my club money? 
A: Provincial members are granted use of the logo by 4-H Canada. As a Club in good standing with your province you can access the logo and use it. Corporate sponsors need to seek permission to use it.

Q: Who authorized this change in logo?
A: The Canadian 4-H Council Board of Directors authorized this re-energized logo.  A task force was formed in May 2014 which consisted of provincial leaders. The group was asked to provide recommendations on re-energizing 4-H’s visual identity in Canada. Following a thorough consultation process, the Board of Directors has now approved a refreshed 4-H Canada logo. 
Q: Why is branding important?  
A: Branding is an effective way to develop recognition of who we are and what we do with those who matter to the organization. Consistent experiences build trust and reputation which translates into more members, engaged stakeholders and increased ability to raise funds to run great programs.

Q: What is “brand architecture”?
A: In the case of 4-H, brand architecture ensures that all levels of the organization (National, Provincial, Club levels) are represented and there is a consistent way to express this. Our new brand usage guideline, which will be made available on June 11, will clearly define how this works so all levels of the organization are able to link their local identities to the new logo. 

Q: Changing the logo on our club supplies costs a lot of money.  Can we just keep the old logo?
A: You do not need to replace all your club supplies. Continue using those items until they are all gone. Please use the new brand when producing new materials, however. This way, we will phase in the new brand without incurring unnecessary cost.
4-H Canada will be making small grants available to Clubs following the launch in June to help offset cost associated with rebranding. Details will be made available on June 11.

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