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Honourary Members

Proudly sponsored by Farm Credit Canada, 4-H Canada’s Honourary Membership recognizes individuals who have embodied 4-H values through their life and have delivered outstanding services to one or more levels of the organization.

The recognition was created in 1950 to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to 4-H in Canada. Honourary Members are nominated by Members of 4-H Canada and approved by the Board of Directors.


Nominations for Honourary Members are being accepted until Oct. 12, 2022, at 11:59 p.m. ET. 

Selection Criteria

The nominee must have one or more of the following:

  • Involvement at one or more levels of 4-H in Canada for a minimum of 10 years.
  • Involvement in any capacity of 4-H, whether as a volunteer, professional, or in another capacity.
  • Demonstrated significant initiative, leadership, and a positive impact on 4-H.

2021 Recipient

Dawn Krinke of Brandon, MB has been inducted as a lifetime Honourary Member for her incredible contributions to the 4-H movement in Canada.

Krinke’s involvement with 4-H Manitoba began in 2006, when she came onboard as a part-time Administrator. By 2014 she had taken on the role of Office Manager, and in 2018 was appointed Executive Director – leading the organization until her retirement in 2021. During her 15-year tenure, Krinke made invaluable contributions to 4-H Manitoba. She was instrumental in their transition from a government-run administration to a non-profit organization, helping to navigate several funding agreements, transitioning governance, updating the bylaws, and ensuring incorporation of the organization.

To name just a few other highlights in a long and storied career with 4-H Manitoba, Krinke used her exceptional relationship building skills to help ensure the successful celebration of the 100th anniversary of 4-H in Canada in Winnipeg, MB in 2013, and facilitated a Japanese-Canadian exchange program in 2018 that provided delegates and chaperones with an incredible opportunity to immerse themselves in another culture.

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