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Cracking Eggs and Changing Lives

Cameron Choquette visits Earth Rangers during 2015 4-H Canada Members Forum

Having just returned back from the 4-H Member’s Forum in Toronto, ON I can recall my very first conference last year. I was selected to go to the 2013 Members Conference as a delegate from Saskatchewan and I was quite nervous. For people who know me I am a rather outgoing person, but my very first trip without my parents was a daunting task. 

I remember walking into the conference scared out of my wits at the thought of meeting new people and being forced to participate. I didn’t want to talk to anyone or do anything because I was afraid of people judging me. As I slowly went through each day I grew out of my “shell” and the egg was cracked. Once I knew how respectful and trustworthy 4-H’ers were - I let loose and did everything I could to enjoy the conference. 

That is what 4-H does, it cracks the eggs of young people and it changes their life. For me, 4-H has changed my life in the 12 years that I have been involved in the program. From public speaking to meeting skills, I can proudly say that I am a responsible citizen because of what 4-H does for me and for youth across the globe. 

The 2014 Members Forum was one for the record books. Every delegate had so much fun and I even got to witness people having their “eggs” cracked. The national trips and exchanges that are offered through 4-H Canada give young people a respectful environment in which they can express themselves wholeheartedly without the fear of judgement. This environment challenges delegates and chaperones alike to come out of their shell and try new things that will change their life. 

When I go to conferences I always make sure to remember every delegate’s name. I can brag and say that I knew the names of all 82 delegates from across Canada at this year’s Members Forum. 4-H is in the business of “Cracking Eggs and Changing Lives” as we continue to challenge our members and leaders to try new things and explore the endless opportunities that 4-H has to offer. 

All of the things that 4-H does for each member, leader, and volunteer changes their life in some way or another. The people involved in the program can certainly attest to that statement. I look forward to attending many more conferences, seminars, and meetings that are organized by 4-H because then I get to see more eggs being cracked and more lives being changed. 

4-H changes lives through positive youth development through our motto “Learn to Do by Doing” and we are certainly proud that over 26,000 members across Canada have the opportunity to change their life through the best youth organization in our great country. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact 4-H Canada or myself. 

All the best, 

Cameron Choquette 
4-H Saskatchewan Youth Advisory Committee Member