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What We Discovered about Canada and 4-H through our Club to Club Exchanges

Each year groups of 4-H members take part in a cross-country exchange to explore other Canadian regions and put their hometowns on display. Through the 4-H Canada Club to Club Exchange, this unique experience gives members the chance to not only meet new people and see different parts of Canada, but to also learn about Canadian history, heritage and 4-H programming in another province.

Read through some of this year’s participants and their experiences below. Applications for the 2018 Club to Club Exchange is now open and closes January 15, 2018. Visit to learn more.

We Discovered that Every Canadian Has a Story
“As part of our trip to Ontario, we visited the Haida National Historic site that houses a World War II Tribal Class war ship. We got hands-on with Canadian history and heard stories about life on deck for crew members. We toured around the ammunition storage area to try one of the 60 pound replica shells and learned Morse code from one of the original ship’s signal men. Through this experience we discovered how easy it is to learn about our history and how each of us has a story to tell about why we love our country.”

Matsqui 4-H Holstein Club from 4-H British Columbia

We Discovered that No Matter Where You Are, Canada Feels Like Home – Especially Among 4-H’ers
“There is doubt that when our youth are asked about their experience from the 4-H Canada Club to Club Exchange program the stories will be about the people they met. From the host families who welcomed us like family, graciously touring us around their home province to everyone in between, we always felt welcomed and at home.

Lacombe 4-H Club from 4-H Alberta

We Discovered that our Differences Can Unite Us, Inspire Us and Teach Us 
One thing that we learned while on our exchange is how different clubs host their achievement days. Throughout this experience, the members were able to see a different way of doing things and take home some ideas to make their own projects better. They also realized that each club did things differently for different reasons; however, the similarities outnumbered these differences. This was a huge lesson for our members – while we may be from different places or have different ways of life, we are the same!”

Neepawa 4-H Club from 4-H Manitoba

We Discovered What it Means to Give Back  
“Club to Club Exchanges are so much fun! We shared many first experiences with our twin club like whale watching, hiking mountains, seeing Niagara Falls and climbing the CN tower. One of the most meaningful moments of the exchange was teaming up with a volunteer run organization to learn about food waste and sending food overseas to others who may need it. It was a rewarding feeling helping others and I’ll never forget the memories I made on this exchange!”

Hudson Treloar from 4-H British Columbia

We Discovered that Travel Can Open Your Mind and Bring You Closer to Your Passions
“Through our 4-H Canada Club to Club Exchange in Saskatchewan, our group found out that not all of the Prairies are as flat as a pancake but some parts are beautiful rolling hills with grazing beef cattle. Some 4-H’ers developing an interest in agriculture, were keen to learn about provinces and their different agricultural practices.”  

Perth County 4-H Association from 4-H Ontario

We Discovered the Importance of Protecting our Planet 
When we visited the Columbian Icefield (the largest icefield in the Rocky Mountains of North America) in the Canadian Rockies, we saw first-hand how global warming is affecting our planet. There were markings showing how the glacier has receded and melted throughout the years. With all the experiences we discovered through the 4-H Canada Club to Club Exchange – from new friends to new perspectives, learning how important it is to take care of the environment through small steps was a big lesson for us all.”

Richmond 4-H Club from 4-H Quebec


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