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Why Do We Give Back?

Casey Morey visited Cuba on a community service trip.

The reason why we do Community Service work!

Every year thousands of 4-H’ers across Canada pledge their hands to larger service for their club, community and country, but how many of those members truly understand what it means to give back to their community and how it affects who they will become in the future?

Most members are required to be involved in a club activity that is of benefit to their community. This activity can vary from helping at your local community dinner to doing a major fundraiser with proceeds going to charity to volunteering in other countries. Pretty much anything imaginable can involve giving back to your society. Providing a community service requires that you or a group of people do something that in turn benefits the public.

I personally feel very strongly about giving back to my community and have been involved with several community service events including several fundraisers for charity donations, playing games with the elderly, and most impactful to me is recently travelling to Cuba on a Community Service Learning trip with the University of Alberta. During this week-long trip my group travelled to farms within Cuba and provided help with farm work, not only to give back, but also to increase our knowledge of the environmental factors that are affecting those communities.

I had a life changing experience in Cuba and got the chance to see how fortunate we are to live where we live. It is hard to explain the impact that giving back can have on a person. Individuals must actually participate in the act of giving back to fully understand the impact it has on themselves and others.

Manitoba YAC representative Kendra Elliott says that especially being from a rural area, communities do so much for youth as they are growing up. She likes being able to return the favour and improve her community, as well as continue the tradition of encouraging future volunteers.

A community revolves around its people and succeeds when people take the time to contribute to its growth. 4-H is about encouraging community growth and creating bonds that are unbreakable. With each act of kindness and community service, the bond grows stronger and more unbreakable. The youth of today need to become more reliant on the community bond that surrounds them because it is the support of these people that will create endless opportunities and take that individual to places unimaginable.

As the 4-H Alberta vision states: 4-H Alberta develops leadership, communication, technical and life skills of 4-H members and leaders to strengthen communities. This is why WE GIVE BACK!

Forever yours in 4-H,

Casey Morey

4-H AB YAC Representative