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Building Brand and Identity for 4-H in Canada

4-H Canada gets a new look!

We are pleased to reveal 4-H’s new brand! This refresh to the clover logo is part of a Canada-wide 4-H initiative to communicate the vibrancy and energy of our organization.

Aligning the 4-H brand has been a long-standing discussion nationwide for many years. Across the country, 4-H staff, volunteers, and supporters are passionate about addressing the need to build a clear, cohesive brand for the 4-H movement in Canada that visually incorporates provinces and clubs. 

The 4-H clover is so much more than just a logo. It represents the unique and distinct experience you have when interacting with 4-H. Strengthening and aligning the 4-H brand across Canada will help us more clearly define and articulate our role as Canadian leaders in positive youth development. But more importantly, it will support us in maintaining relevance with today’s youth.

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