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Citizenship Congress

April 30 to May 5, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario

Theme: The Power of a Vote: Value of Civic Engagement

Open to 4-H members ages 16 to 21. Contact your provincial office regarding selection to attend.

The 4-H Canada Citizenship Congress will deepen your understanding of governance and public policy, nurture your communication skills, and expand your horizons as you discover some of what it means to be Canadian in the nation’s capital.

Workshops will culminate with an annual debate. Here you and your fellow 4-H members will construct insightful arguments, and practise your skills of persuasion and public speaking. Ultimately you’ll learn more about Canada, its government and yourself.

The annual Citizenship Congress takes places at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre in Ottawa, Ontario.

Past Citizenship Congresses

2018 Citizenship Congress: Hands to Larger Service
2017 Citizenship Congress: Canada: Past, Present and Future​
2016 Citizenship Congress: Redefining Rural