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Are you interested in becoming involved in 4-H? Entering a 4-H club allows you to join the thousands of youth members and adult volunteers who get to enjoy:
  • Being active and engaged community members.
  • Taking part in experiential learning programs that let you jump right in and learn new skills first-hand.
  • Meeting new friends and creating strong relationships that last a lifetime.
  • Receiving mentor support to fully embrace your skills as a leader.
  • Being confident that you can participate in a safe, supportive, friendly, and inclusive environment that places a high priority on fun!
Ready to look into clubs in your area and learn more about joining the 4-H movement in Canada as a member or a volunteer leader?

Here is a list of provincial 4-H associations. Contact 4-H in your province to find out more about clubs in your area!

4-H British Columbia

4-H Alberta

4-H Saskatchewan

4-H Manitoba

4-H Ontario

Association des Jeunes
Ruraux du Québec (

4-H Quebec

4-H New Brunswick

4-H Nova Scotia


4-H Newfoundland & Labrador

4-H Canada is excited to announce the launch of our new Club Kits, which include the 4-H Canada New Volunteer Leader Guide, 4-H Member Handbook and Program Guide. These kits offer an introductory guide for new leaders and members to:

  • Understand 4-H in Canada
  • Learn about the steps involved in starting or joining a club
  • Get excited about being part of 4-H as a positive youth development organization connected to communities across Canada!

Thanks to the support of our Canada 150 partners these resources were developed in consultation with 4-H staff across the country. View the resources here and connect with your provincial office to get your kit now!