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Frequently Asked Questions - 4-H Canada Veseys Fundraiser

Why is 4-H piloting this fundraiser?

Just as your local 4-H organization requires sustainable funding, provincial associations and 4-H Canada also require a sustainable source of funds that are not restricted to specific programming or activities. This is essential to ensuring we can enhance and offer more services to support you, our local volunteers and your provincial team.

In recognizing this need, 4-H Canada held focus groups with youth across Canada and volunteer leaders at the 2019 Leadership Summit to explore options to pilot a national fundraiser. Youth and volunteers told us they wanted an option that was branded 4-H and aligned to the 4-H values, was Canadian and had a positive environmental impact. Veseys’ fundraiser fit these criteria. 

How is the 4-H Canada Veseys Fundraiser different from the Veseys Spring Bulbs Fundraiser?

The 4-H Canada Veseys Fundraiser is unique from existing Veseys fundraisers because the materials are co-branded with 4-H and Veseys has generously agreed to contribute 20% more to 4-H than its regular fundraiser. 60% of the retail sales sold through the fundraiser will go back to supporting 4-H in Canada with the funds shared between our organizations. 

Where do the funds go?

By participating in the 4-H Canada Veseys Fundraiser, you are helping 4-H in your community while also ensuring the whole 4-H movement in Canada continues to thrive since a portion of the sales also supports 4-H in your province and the Canadian 4-H Foundation.

For each $10 item purchased:

  • $4.00 covers Veseys’ product, shipping, and program costs.
  • $6.00 is invested in 4-H in Canada: 
    • $3.50 is kept by your organization to run 4-H activities and help cover your costs. 
    • $1.50 goes to your province for member opportunities, training volunteers, and helping ensure 4-H is safe, inclusive and fun!
    • $1.00 is invested in the Canadian 4-H Foundation to ensure the legacy of 4-H continues in Canada. 

Is participation in the fundraiser mandatory?

As a pilot year with limited capacity, it will be an optional sign-up. We will re-assess the program in summer 2020 to determine future participation. 

How many clubs can participate in my province?

This is a pilot year and there is limited space available. To keep the process simple, sign-up will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to any club, county or region who wishes to participate, however, 4-H Canada may waitlist clubs to ensure all provinces have an opportunity to participate. Once you have been confirmed in good standing with your province, you will be notified that your participation has been confirmed and you will receive your selling supplies. We recommend you sign up early to avoid disappointment. 4-H Canada reserves the right to close sign-up before the deadline should supplies run out.

Do I have to sign up as a club?

You do not have to sign up as a club. Counties and regions may also sign up to participate in this fundraiser. Please organize this among yourselves and only complete one sign-up per group. Please list participating “clubs” as part of your registration.

How do I sign up? 

Only volunteer leaders are eligible to sign groups up for this fundraiser. Sign-up must be done with 4-H Canada, and then we will verify that your group is in good standing with your province. Please ensure you have completed all the necessary requirements for your province before signing up to ensure faster verification. You will also need to know how many members will be participating to allow for Veseys to provide enough selling materials. Once confirmed by your province, Veseys will ship your selling materials and you can begin selling.

When is the sign-up deadline?

The deadline to sign-up for this fundraiser was December 6, 2019. More information for this fundraiser for 2020-2021 will be available in fall 2020.

Once I get my sales materials from Veseys, what do I do?

Veseys will send you enough materials for every member participating in the fundraiser to have a catalogue and order forms. They will also send some tips for fundraising success based on their experience and we have provided some for you as well. Meet with your group to set a sales goal and set an order deadline date. Make sure this is well enough in advance to allow the main contact (Veseys calls this person the fundraiser chairperson) to compile the orders and ensure all the payments are correct. Cheques need to be made out to your organization and one payment needs to be sent to Veseys. Review the materials, so everyone understands what they are selling when orders are due and when products will arrive. Encourage members to talk about 4-H and their experience in the program as well as the products when they approach friends and family to purchase.

When are orders due?

All orders from clubs that are already registered must be received by Veseys by December 20, 2019. New registrations by the December 6 deadline must be received by Veseys by January 20, 2020. 

When is the product shipped?

Orders will be shipped out to the main fundraiser contact (chairperson) in April 2020 for delivery to customers.

I have questions about the products, payment or shipping. Who do I contact?

Any questions about the products, the fundraiser process including payment, order shipping and delivery can be directed to Tracey at Veseys Fundraising by calling 1-800-363-7333 or emailing

I have other questions. Who do I contact?

Questions about this fundraiser can be sent to or 1-844-759-1013.