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Career Development Webinars

Our free career development webinars will equip you with the tools you need to stand out in the job application process and prepare you to enter the workforce!

Through webinars hosted on Zoom, you’ll be connected with professionals covering specific topics that can help you advance your career or help you get started. By attending these webinars, you’ll learn to finetune skills like cover letter writing, resume building, interview techniques, and much more!

Webinars are recommended for youth ages 15+.

Upcoming Webinars

How to Write Winning Scholarship Essays
Thurs. Nov. 10, 2022
7:30 p.m.; 75 minutes
Delivered by Janet MacDonald from mycampusGPS
Best for: Members in Gr. 11 - 12; open to all members 15yrs +

This session will answer your questions about how to write your best scholarship essays for various kinds of scholarships. We’ll go over what scholarship committees look for in an essay, what information is important to include in ALL essays and discuss ways to improve your chances of winning. Janet will provide you with lots of tips and tricks to help put your application at the top of the pile.

*Registration will remain open until 12pm on the day of the webinar.

Past Webinars

How to Effectively Search and Apply for Jobs 

This webinar is designed to help craft that perfect resume in the 21st century, where to look for jobs in the digital age, how to apply, and what to do to wow in your interview. Chelsea, a career counselor from Youth Employment Services (YES), provides job development support through this workshop.

What You Need to Know About Scholarships

This webinar is packed with key information that students and parents need to know about scholarships, including how to find scholarships and how to create winning applications. This webinar dives in – Janet doesn’t just cover the “what”, she discusses all of her “how-to” tips and strategies that you need to know so you can put the information into practice. The session provides a good dose of “you can do it” confidence-building if you feel scholarships may be out of reach – potentially saving you thousands of dollars in the end!

Exploring Careers in Policy & Governance

Building & Utilizing Your LinkedIn Profile

With over 720 million users worldwide, LinkedIn provides members with an opportunity to network, promote their skills, and engage with professionals across broad sectors. A professional account can be the difference between getting, and not getting, your foot in the door for your dream career! Key aspects of this presentation include:

  • Support on building an engaging LinkedIn Profile
  • Tips to make your profile stand out
  • Developing your ‘digital brand’ and contact network

Making the most of a virtual career fair

Virtual career fairs have become more and more common as employers strive to recruit the best talent while saving on travel cost. Virtual career fairs use simple online tools to connect with job seekers. This webinar will highlight how to make the most of these tools and prepare you for this virtual event. Key aspects include: 

  • Overview of a virtual career fair
  • How to prepare for a virtual career fair
  • What employers are looking for
  • How to network effectively

Writing a stand-out resume

Writing a resume and standing apart from many applicants can be a daunting task. This webinar is a step by step on writing an effective resume that will highlight your strengths and catch employers' eye. Key aspects include:

  • Proper style and format of your resume
  • Cover letter writing skills
  • The do’s and don’ts of resume writing

Getting the job – Mastering the job interview

Sometimes interviews can be overwhelming and intimidating. Not to worry, this webinar will introduce techniques to calm your nerves and prepare you for your best interview yet. Key aspects include:

  • The interview process
  • Proper interview attire
  • Standing out from competition
  • Potential interview questions
  • Techniques to calm your nerves

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