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Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D.)

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The Leadership Excellence Awards of Distinction (L.E.A.D.) honours the accomplishments of four special 4-H senior youth members and showcases the outstanding accomplishments of 4-H members across Canada in the area of leadership excellence. Through the generosity of CN, four scholarships – with an overall value of $20,000 each over four years – are available to 4-H members who have demonstrated personal values, leadership and community involvement within one of 4-H’s Leadership Development Pillars. Click here for the complete application guidelines.

2017 L.E.A.D Recipients

Sara Ka­te Smith, BC

Pillar: Community Engagement & Communications
Field of Study: BA, Political Science
University: University of British Columbia
Career Goal: Career in Business Communications
4-H Club: Yellowhead 4-H Club

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“Sara’s extensive experience in the 4-H program and in public speaking in general have served to strengthen her natural ability to think on her feet, to analyze and to respond to what is being said by others and to present ideas on an infinite number of topics. Whether her communication objective has been to convince, to build awareness or to debate, Sara has an uncanny ability to encourage others to listen to what she has to say. Sara is a selfless leader who remains dedicated to helping her community, whether it be fundraising for the recently built North Thompson Agriplex or volunteering at local events. I am sure that Sara’s experiences in high school are but a sneak preview of what she will accomplish in the future.”
Susan K., Teacher

L.E.A.D. Mentor in Community Engagement & Communications: Mandy Rennehan

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Evan Krebs, ON

Pillar: Science & Technology
Field of Study: Mechanical Engineering (Co-op)
University: University of Guelph
Career Goal: To increase the use of sustainable agriculture practices through innovative science and technology
4-H Club: Hensall Life Skills Club

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“Evan is committed to a number of co-cirricular activities at our school and demonstrates strong, positive leadership in multiple aspects of school life. Evan is a member of our Student Cabinet, where he serves as Minister of Agriculture. He is also enrolled in the Energy Specialist High Skills Major Program. Recently he served as an ambassador of our school at a provincial summit. While there, he convened with the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, as well as multiple student and adult leaders from various sectors across Canada. He is a model of hard work, generosity and positive energy.”
Karen T., Principal

L.E.A.D. Mentor in Science & Technology: Wade Barnes

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Sadie-Jane Hickson, ON

Pillar: Environment & Healthy Living
Field of Study: Biomedical Sciences
University: University of Guelph
Career Goal: Doctor or teacher / professional athlete / educational speaker for agriculture
4-H Club: Kawartha Lakes-Haliburton 4-H Veterinary Science Club

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“‘Above and Beyond’ describes Sadie-Jane’s involvement in any activity she undertakes.   From holding a wide variety of executive positions within the many 4-H clubs, to participating in 4-H teams (Go For the Gold Provincial Champions!), to volunteering at Fundraising Food Booths, to voluntarily helping the younger 4-Hers, her strong leadership abilities and natural ability to engage other members are an asset and positive example to all around her.  Sadie-Jane has received recognition for many achievements, academically, athletically and within the 4-H Association that demonstrate her well rounded talents.”
Robin B., Club Leader

L.E.A.D. Mentor in the Environment & Healthy Living: Krista DuChene

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Thian Carman, NS

Pillar: Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security
Field of Study: Animal Science / Agriculture
University: Dalhousie University
Career Goal: To design an environmentally friendly and off-grid barn system for lambs
4-H Club: Harmony Nicholsville 4-H Club

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“Thian’s aspirations go far beyond his own success. He is a valued and respected leader in his community, and an accomplished athlete. He coaches children’s sports, volunteers extensively, and has been honoured both for his community involvement and contribution to the business environment both locally, and provincially. Recent national speaking engagements are a further testament to his growing reputation, most notably at the 2016 Rural to Rural conference in Blyth, Ontario at which he attracted considerable attention for his views on rural youth retention in Canada.”
Peter H. Ph.D, Retired National Science Director

L.E.A.D. Mentor in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security: Keith Williams

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Past L.E.A.D. Recipients

2016 L.E.A.D. recipients
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