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4-H Pledge Resources for Clubs

With the launch of the updated 4-H Pledge, you may wish to share this news with your members, parents and your wider community of supporters. Here you will find tools that are intended to assist you in your communications efforts.

Communications Toolkit

This communications toolkit is designed to help you communicate the update to the 4-H Pledge to your members, parents, supporters and wider community. Please feel free to use the messaging in this toolkit wherever you like and adapt the messaging to fit your needs.

Download the communications toolkit for 4-H clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

Updating and adopting the 4-H Pledge can take time, and you probably have some questions that need answers. We’ve tried our best to answer as many questions as possible in our Frequently Asked Questions.

Read or download the FAQs

News Release

Read the official news release announcing the update to the 4-H Pledge

News Release: ‘…and my world’: The 4-H Pledge Goes Global

Letter from 4-H Canada’s CEO

We encourage you to share this letter from 4-H Canada’s CEO with your members at your next club meeting to help them understand why the 4-H Pledge is changing.

Read the letter from 4-H Canada’s CEO

Memo from the Chair

Read the official memo from the Chair of 4-H Canada’s Board of Directors about the update made to the 4-H Pledge and why it’s important.

Read the memo from the Chair

Graphics for Download

To support your club in communicating the updated 4-H Pledge and using the Pledge visually in record books, on signs, on apparel, or whatever place you choose, we’ve produced some handy graphics you can download.

Download the graphics

4-H Pledge Banner

Does your 4-H club need a pledge banner to hang up at meetings or events? The 4-H Canada store has a brand new 4-H Pledge banner available, and more products that feature the Pledge are on their way soon.

Purchase a banner

The 4-H Brand

Check out our suite of brand-related resources for your 4-H club to use, like the Club Logo Generator tool.

Have a question?

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