4-H Canada Recognizes Two Lifelong 4-H Supporters with Prestigious Honourary Memberships

Ottawa, January 17, 2018 – 4-H Canada is pleased to announce the induction of Linda Porter of 4-H New Brunswick and Lyndon Carlson of Saskatchewan as 4-H Canada Honourary Members for their years of dedication and service to the 4-H movement. Together they have helped to create generations of responsible, caring and contributing young Canadians in their communities and across Canada.

The prestigious 4-H Canada Honourary Membership is given to only the most dedicated and passionate contributors to 4-H’s positive youth development model. Linda Porter and Lyndon Carlson exemplify 4-H’s values and have gone above and beyond to ensure 4-H members continue to have a safe, fun and inclusive environment in which to grow and work in partnership with those youth to help create better communities.

With over 30 years contributing to the 4-H program in Canada, Linda Porter is widely known for her enthusiasm, passion for helping young people, her down-to-earth approach and as the driving force behind the 4-H program in New Brunswick. Linda is the Executive Director of 4-H New Brunswick, and has taken on many roles during her three decades as part of the 4-H movement. Linda is a former member of the 4-H Canada Board of Directors, has volunteered at the community level, been a mentor to many and continues to push forward initiatives that have measurable impact on youth in her community. Linda has devoted her life to 4-H; whether on the national stage or volunteering at the club level, the health and well-being of Canadian youth is her primary goal.

As an alumnus of the 4-H program, Lyndon Carlson devoted his personal time as a volunteer and professional resources to the 4-H movement in Canada. During his tenure with the Canadian 4-H Foundation, Lyndon was instrumental in creating significant funding resources, programming that strengthened 4-H in Canada at all levels and ultimately the Board’s strategic plan to be successful. Lyndon was a key influencer in the modernization of 4-H Canada’s governance model and practices, and for attracting new stakeholders by leveraging his many connections in the agriculture and business sectors. As a former Senior Vice President with Farm Credit Canada, Lyndon was widely known to have proudly displayed one of his first 4-H trophies in his office and took every occasion to share his fond 4-H memories with clients and colleagues. The 4-H Canada that we know today is due, in many parts, because of the roadmap that Lyndon envisioned.

“Linda Porter and Lyndon Carlson exemplify the passion and commitment all our outstanding leaders have contributed to bringing 4-H in Canada to new heights,” said David Hovell, Chair of the 4-H Canada Board of Directors. “These Honourary Members have been 4-H champions for most of their lives and have always found the time to make a difference. We are delighted to bestow this prestigious honour upon Linda and Lyndon as our honourary members and will continue to work with them to advance the positive youth development movement in Canada.”

The 4-H Canada Honourary Membership was created in 1950 to recognize individuals that have made outstanding contributions to 4-H in Canada. With the addition of Linda Porter and Lyndon Carlson, there are now 68 inductees as lifetime Honourary Members.

Linda Porter and Lyndon Carlson will be honoured this February 8, 2018 at the 4-H Leadership Awards in Ottawa.

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