4-H Project Spotlight: Mastering Living On Your Own

Did you know that 4-H project types are endless? From beekeeping to equine to mastering leadership to cooking, 4-H members are learning new skills and experimenting with new interests and passions. How? By doing of course!

With over 100 different projects to choose from across Canada, how is a member to choose? In this new blog post series, meet 4-H’ers and learn about their favourite 4-H projects.

NAME: Shayna Timmerman
CLUB: Treherne Home Economics 4-H Club, MB
PROJECT: Mastering Living On Your Own

Q. What are meetings like for the Mastering Living On Your Own project?

A. I have done a variety of things at project meetings ranging from games to crafts to bookwork. I enjoy being able to make most lessons into an activity or another creative form as a way to learn; it definitely makes learning about the topic that more exciting.

Q. What’s your favourite thing you learned through your 4-H project?

A. One of the things I greatly value in learning from my project was how to find a suitable home. In the project, I had to research three different living options and to see which would be most suitable to my needs. I had to make a list of questions to ask a landlord in case I choose to go that route as well as what to look for in a first home. From my research, I found a really great apartment to meet my roommates and my needs. As it turns out, and after careful inspection of course, I am going to be living in this apartment in September as I head into Winnipeg for my first year of university.

What makes the 4-H program unique is that it’s all about what areas you are interested to experiment in. If you have an idea you’d like to learn more about and it’s not on your province’s project list – most provinces offer a design-your-own-project option, often referred to as a self-determined project.

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