4-H Canada Launches First National Fundraising Campaign

Ottawa, Ontario – August 7, 2019 – 4-H Canada is thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever national fundraising campaign, in partnership with Veseys Seeds Ltd.

Developed in consultation with 4-H youth members and volunteer leaders across Canada, the initiative will give 4-H’ers the opportunity to explore the joys of gardening, and develop hands-on leadership and fundraising skills through the sale of seeds, bulbs, and roots.

With a product that reflects the interests and passions of 4-H members and ties back to 4-H’s roots in agriculture, the campaign aims to instill in the budding entrepreneurs a sense of pride in the 4-H movement, and encourage them to spread awareness of how the program has impacted their lives and give back to 4-H through engaging their clubs and communities.

Interested 4-H regions, counties and clubs can sign up online until the fall. Sixty per cent of their retail sales will go back into supporting 4-H in Canada, with over half of the profit staying local. For the first time, a national fundraiser will benefit all levels of the 4-H movement – from grassroots to provincial and national organizations – thus strengthening and ensuring a thriving, bright future for 4-H in Canada.

“Our youth members told us they wanted to be part of a collective fundraising effort that embodied the 4-H values, was Canadian and had a positive impact on the environment,” said Shannon Benner, 4-H Canada CEO. ‘‘Thanks to Veseys, our fundraising campaign fits all these criteria, and supports our mission of empowering youth to be responsible, caring and contributing leaders that affect positive change in the world around them.”

“Veseys Seeds has had a decades-long relationship with 4-H clubs on Prince Edward Island, having donated vegetable and flower seeds for their annual competitions,” said John Barrett, Director of Sales, Marketing & Development, Veseys Seeds Ltd. “We are delighted to partner on the national level with 4-H Canada in this fundraising initiative, as we believe strongly in their dedication to agriculture, and the environment in which we live.”

The 4-H Canada Veseys fundraiser is available across Canada but participation in the fall pilot is limited. 4-H regions, counties and clubs can find out more and sign up by September 30 at 4-h-canada.ca/fundraising.

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About 4-H Canada

For over 100 years, 4-H Canada has been one of the most highly respected positive youth development organizations in Canada. 4-H Canada has close to 24,000 members and more than 7,600 volunteer leaders. Our goal is to help young Canadians “Learn To Do By Doing” in a safe, inclusive and fun environment. We believe in nurturing responsible, caring and contributing youth leaders who are committed to positively impacting their communities across Canada and around the world. To learn more about 4-H Canada, please visit 4-h-canada.ca and follow our FacebookTwitter and Instagram pages.

About Veseys Seeds Ltd.

Established in 1939 in the rural setting of York, Prince Edward Island, Veseys Seeds Ltd. is Canada’s largest mail-order gardening business offering flower, vegetable and herb seeds, spring and fall planting bulbs, perennials, starter plants and a wide array of gardening tools and accessories. Since 1999, Veseys has operated a highly successful fundraising division assisting thousands of groups across Canada to raise millions of dollars each season. A family-owned and operated business, Veseys prides itself on excellent product selection and outstanding customer service. Find out more at veseys.com.


Camille Ferrier
Communications Manager
4-H Canada
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