Summer in Argentina

Summer in Argentina






By Marika Dewar-Norosky, 4-H member, University of Manitoba 4-H Club

I had the opportunity to work with 4-H Argentina for three weeks this summer as part of a Careers on the Grow internship placement. Before I arrived, I was curious about how different this new program would be to the program I grew up in and know so well. 4-H in Argentina is barely two years old, but I was amazed at how similar the program was and how the members and their leaders felt like home.

Part of my job while on this trip was to bring inspiration and experience from the perspective of a long-standing 4-H member. I shared my story with local 4-H members about being a second-generation 4-H’er and how this program has helped me in school, and given me so many life skills. We had discussions about recruitment and different activities for engaging youth.

One highlight of my trip was the visit of a Saputo factory, where 4-H Argentina members, the other Canadian delegates and I were able to see the milk and cheese-making processes. As a group, we were impressed by the safety of the factory. I hope Saputo’s Dairy Division in Argentina continues to do tours, and looks into inviting local kids to see their factory.

Returning to Canada, I feel that I have gained as much as I gave. The leaders there work harder than anyone I have met. Some of them work multiple jobs while still putting hours into the program, expecting nothing but program growth in return. They truly are living the 4-H Pledge!

By Cassie, 4-H alumni, NS

I did not expect the first phrase I would learn in Spanish to be "it is cold!" After getting accustomed to the five-degree June weather, a whole lot of Google translate and many honey croissants, I was ready to start my internship with 4-H Argentina.

Argentina is an incredible country which has a rich culture, generous citizens and beautiful landscapes. I was fortunate enough to spend two weeks in the central province in Cordoba, Argentina with my host Denise. We spent our two weeks visiting 4-H clubs across the province, talking with leaders and volunteers and learning from each other. Being sent to Argentina to help with 4-H's capacity building was an honour, leaving me in awe of the dedication and determination of the volunteers there. It was evident to me during my time in Cordoba that the 4-H program, although a budding one, has immense potential to impact thousands of young lives in the coming years.