My name is Myles and I decided to take the 4-H motto to heart, which inspired me to build an electric pickup truck.

After 16 years of being a 4-H member, I felt motivated to take action for the environment. I was always passionate about electric vehicles through talking to owners at electric car meets in Saskatoon hosted by SaskEV. In 2020 I turned my 1980 Dodge truck into a 4-H welding project, where I completed a restoration on the truck, repairing the body panels and painting. The following year I decided to turn the truck fully electric. Now I have been driving my electric truck daily to save the environment.

Using Saskatchewan grid power, my truck has 86% of the CO2 emissions of my small car, or about ⅓ the emissions of similar trucks. I expect the scope 2 emissions of my truck to improve substantially with our changing power grid. It also saves me $200 per month compared to my gas car when driving 25 km to work daily. I expect the project to be paid off over 10 years.

Photo Credit: Glenn Wright

It was all inspired by using the 4-H motto, “Learn To Do By Doing.” I feel youth can make a difference using the motto. I felt driven to take action knowing that I could drastically reduce my environmental impact. Yes, it took two years in my spare time to do the work required; and much research prior to the hands-on work. Thanks to the 4-H motto, I kept pushing through doubt and was continually driven to learn more.

I “pledged my head to clearer thinking” and researched the extensive benefits of converting cars to electric. Since I have finished, I now feel very satisfied driving along the highway, and never have to worry about increasing gas prices or oil changes. I love cruising silently, “pledging my heart to greater loyalty” to the environment.

Thank you, 4-H, for everything you have inspired youth to achieve!