4-H Canada Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is elected by 4-H Canada Governing Members who are dedicated to the strategic advancement of the 4-H movement.

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Governing Membership

Governing Members – Individuals aged 18+ and organizations – directly support today’s youth leaders by ensuring strong governance, relevant industry partnerships, and financial stability. This community of engaged community leaders select the 4-H Canada Board of Directors, vote in the Annual General Meeting, and support the strategic direction of the 4-H movement.

Become a Governing Member of 4-H Canada today

Support the strategic direction and influence 4-H’s advancement.

Canadian 4-H Foundation

The Canadian 4-H Foundation was established in 1969. This federally incorporated not-for-profit organization works to continue the mission of 4-H Canada. The Canadian 4-H Foundation is made up of experienced and knowledgeable individuals who are responsible for overseeing and managing 4-H Canada's endowment funds in a reliable, ethical, and intelligent manner.

The Foundation makes it possible for 4-H Canada to continue to create and maintain our national, leading-edge programs and events that help members Learn To Do By Doing.

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Youth Advisory Committee

The Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is the national youth voice for 4-H Canada, comprised of outstanding 4-H youth members who want to continue to play a role and contribute to the growth of the 4-H movement.

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