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Ten Ways to Use 4-H LEARNS

The 4-H LEARNS website is your one-stop shop to learn, access resources and network with leaders across the country, as well as 4-H professionals and volunteer leaders around the world.

After creating your own profile, you can download resources, access volunteer training materials and be a part of discussion groups. Let’s check out some of the things that are available to you on 4-H LEARNS!

Use the Interactive Map to Learn about the Global 4-H Movement
Check out the interactive world map to see what 4-H looks like around the world, and find contact information for 4-H organizations in a growing number of countries and regions.

Network with Global Peers
Each user on 4-H LEARNS will be able to create a profile, where you can share information about your role in 4-H and general interests. Through this profile, you will be able to access the site and connect with 4-H leaders and staff from 70 countries. Get started on your profile by signing up here.

Engage in Group Discussions
Once your profile is set up, you’ll be able to dive into the group discussions and start contributing to the online network of 4-H leaders! See the current discussion groups, start your own conversations, share resources and learn from other leaders.


Download from the Resource library
This is where you can access all of the 4-H resources and projects that have been added to the 4-H LEARNS library. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have access to an extensive database of resources not only from 4-H in Canada but around the world. You can search by pillar, location, general topic, and specific keywords.

*Before using a 4-H project resource from outside of your province or country, we ask that volunteer leaders connect with their provincial 4-H office to discuss their 4-H club projects and plans in more detail. Your provincial, state or national 4-H organization may have restrictions on the types of 4-H projects or activities which can be completed in your region. Before using a resource on 4-H LEARNS, you are required to verify it is an eligible project and meets the requirements of your local 4-H organization.

Highlight Helpful Resources through our ‘Like’ Feature
Use the power of the 4-H network to quickly see which resources are most popular and liked by fellow leaders! Find a resource that you like and would recommend to other leaders? ‘Like’ the resource yourself and help other leaders in their search.

Support New Leaders and Members through our Club Kits
We have added 4-H Canada’s new Club Kits to the library, which include: 4-H Canada New Volunteer Leader Guide, 4-H Member Handbook. Filled with information for new leaders and members alike, these resources are a great way to get started in 4-H!

Browse through Global 4-H Network Summit 2017 Presentations
Another collection of resources that have been added to the library are the presentations from the Global 4-H Network Summit 2017. Unable to attend the summit or a particular workshop? Browse through 4-H LEARNS for your own unique experience of global learning.

Get Back to the Basics of 4-H through General Learning
Understanding the key elements underlining the 4-H experience for members is important for everyone involved in 4-H, whether you’re new to the movement, or have been involved for years! Check out information about Positive Youth Development, Experiential Education, and Youth Adult Partnerships.

Learn about Global Events
Check out what is happening in your own region, country or around the world with the events being advertised for leaders on 4-H LEARNS.

Share Your Knowledge with Others
It is important to remember that you are a resource to the 4-H network! 4-H LEARNS is where you can share your knowledge with other leaders, generate conversations and spark new ideas. In the group discussions, you can also upload resources you think might be useful to fellow leaders. Notice a resource is missing from the library as you use the site? Let your provincial office know so they can upload it.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the global 4-H community at 4-H LEARNS!

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