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Meet Past Winners

*Please note that you are not allowed to copy a project that has already been done; however, you may get inspired from them!

Past Winners

Mac D.

British Columbia

Mac first participated in the 4-H Canada Science Fair back in 2018 and since then, has further developed her project and successfully secured a patent!

Mac won the following awards at the 2023 Canada Wide Science Fair:

  • 2023 Excellence Award - Bronze Sponsor: Excellence Award - Bronze Medal and certificate
  • 2023 Technology in Agriculture Award Sponsor: Technology in Agriculture Award $1,000 cash and certificate
  • 2023 University of Alberta Entrance Scholarship Sponsor: University of Alberta Entrance Scholarship A $1,500 entrance scholarship is offered to each bronze medal winner.
  • 2023 University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship Sponsor: University of Ottawa Entrance Scholarship Senior Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship
  • 2023 Western University Entrance Scholarship Sponsor: Western University Entrance Scholarship Bronze Medallist - $1000 Entrance Scholarship

Her project, “An Innovative Approach to Ammonia Control in Poultry Operations” explores how ammonia in poultry operations can have negative economic, ethical, health, and environmental effects. Apart from ventilation, current methods to remove ammonia from the air include the bedding additives Alum and Zeolite, which can have negative effects on chicken and human health, respectively. Research suggests that both Prussian Blue and Biochar may reduce ammonia levels through adsorption. Neither Prussian Blue, nor Prussian Blue + Biochar, have been tested as an ammonia control additive for chicken bedding. The objective of this project is to determine if Prussian Blue or Prussian Blue + Biochar can be used as a commercially viable bedding additive to adsorb ammonia from chicken bedding.


Past Winners

Mark N.


Mark first participated in the 4-H Canada Science Fair back in 2020. He successfully won the following award at the 2022 Canada Wide Science Fair for his project: “A Comparison of Natural Corrosion Inhibitors on Metals”:

  • 2022 Excellence Award - Silver Sponsor: Youth Science Canada Medal and certificate

Traditionally, corrosion inhibitors have been non-botanical, usually toxic, with some containing heavy metals and not environmentally friendly. Mark’s project compared three natural corrosion inhibitors (dandelion leaves, sweet potato skin, ginger root) on mild steel and galvanized steel utilizing two corrosive substances (acetic acid, saltwater).

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Past Winners

Neleah L.

Prince Edward Island

Neleah participated in the 2018 Science Fair with her project: “Cost-Effective Extraction of Chitin and Chitosan from Lobster Shells” and one the following award at the Canada Wide Science Fair:

  • 2018Excellence Award – Bronze Intermediate

Her project consisted of an experiment assessing whether household chemicals can be used to extract chitin and chitosan from lobster shells, at an equal efficacy as lab-grade chemicals, and at a significantly reduced cost. Since participated in the 4-H Canada Science Fair, Neleah has continued to follow her passion for science and is currently the Prince Edward Island Youth Advisory Committee member.

Neleah Lavoie

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