4-H Canada and RBC Future Launch: Supporting Career Growth for Canadian Youth

Ottawa, Ontario – September 20, 2018 – 4-H Canada is very proud to announce a two-year partnership with the RBC Future Launch initiative, which will help 4-H youth explore employment opportunities and prepare for their future careers.

RBC Future Launch is committing $400,000 over two years to support 4-H programs offered at both the national and provincial levels.

Funding will directly support the 4-H Canada Careers on the Grow program and job-matching board, as well as provincial 4-H career programming across the country. 4-H programs provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities and internships that give youth the practical work experience, skill-building, and knowledge so highly valued by employers.

“When youth are given the tools they need to succeed, we know they will use those tools to create something we can’t even begin to imagine,” said Shannon Benner, 4-H Canada CEO. “We are very excited about this partnership with RBC Future Launch and deeply value our shared commitment to preparing youth for their future careers. By helping develop critical skills and opening new opportunities for young people, we are making a direct impact on the future leaders of this country.”

“Whether it’s retraining or starting fresh, it’s clear that the skills needed to excel in today’s workplace are changing,” said Mark Beckles, Senior Director, Youth Strategy and Innovation, RBC. “That’s what RBC Future Launch is all about, and through our partnership with 4-H Canada, we hope to be able to define those skills—and help young Canadians develop them.”

RBC Future Launch is a 10-year, $500 million commitment to empowering Canadian youth to build meaningful careers. With a focus on networking, skills development and experience, the initiative aims to help solve the problems facing young people due to the changing landscape of the workplace.

To learn more about how 4-H Canada and RBC Future Launch are working together to make a positive impact on Canadian youth, visit 4-h-canada.ca.

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